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  Update: 2008-03-04
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 Describe: There are 2002 general circuit schematic diagram and the use of methods, classic ah
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 [fd.rar] - Complete set of mature wireless remote control car alarm information, including schematics, PCB, source
 [HEX.rar] - INTEL HEX file format specification and works in the embedded system application analysis
 [file_dianzisheji.rar] - Past Graduate Electronic Design Competition written on the subject machine will help everyone understand this contest. Welcome to download.

 [test8key3-sp3.rar] - This document is a source code, realize touch button function, the reliability of this program are relatively high.
 [] - Professional OSEK automotive-grade embedded operating system source code
 [FromCtoembededC.rar] - This document details the transition from the C language to embedded C language entry process, informative depth
 [12232DRIVER.rar] - GPS positioning information of C procedures LCD can display latitude and longitude, time and a high level
 [SzeChonggolddevelopmentversionofthesecond] - embedded circuit schematics, we do arm of reference circuit, quite good, but no classic
 [FM.rar] - The basic principles of high-frequency electronic circuits, learning the basis of wireless communication
 [ev.rar] - Philips ARM2132 circuit and PCB schematic diagram, protel99 format.