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  Update: 2001-01-01
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 Describe: The source codes of Dr.dobb, a magazine of development. They are very classic.
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 [] - The example of redirecting standard output to an pipe
 [] - The source codes of, a magzine of Windows development.
 [classicUNIXsourcecode.Rar] - are classic UNIX source code, can give depth to the learning process were good reference.

 [VideoConferenceSystem.Rar] - a commercial video conferencing (cool).
 [MutliConference.rar] - meeting is a more modular system, support H.323 (subject OpenH323 support).- Support G.711, GSM MS-GSM and LPC-10 audio coding- support H.261 video co
 [racemanagementsystem.Rar] - This a VC anybody I used to do a small software achieving race management (such as athletes database management, real-time game time, results of the c
 [] - in VC DBGird under control through database records show
 [DS18X20.rar] - ATmega32 based AVR MCU DS1820 driver-based winavr Taiwan compiler
 [resource code of wood horse planter] - This is a hacker code. User can control long-distant computer.
 [DDOS.rar] - DDOS found the source machine, scan showed the other side there are 8536 ports open, is likely to be DDOS attack tools (dictator) of the back door