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vfwwnd Multimedia program 2720000 source codes to download -
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  Directory: Multimedia program
  Dev tools: Visual C++
  File size: 47 KB
  Update: 2001-12-10
  Downloads: 770
  Uploader: 站长
 Describe: A video frequency capture procedure. The capture output is the avi document
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 [AVIvideoproductionprogram.Rar] - AVI video production program

 [] - This is a VC++ video capture application with the fuction of video playback ,and you can also save the captured video or iamge.
 [ADPCM_G711_G721_G723.tar.gz] - ADPCM voice compression process. Support Standard G711, G721 and G723.
 [videoexe.rar] - Video frequency capture model source code
 [7941950wCCD.rar] - a good source of the video development, we do not study for reference, with the VFW to write, compression and decoding operation.
 [AviCapTest.rar] - A realization of AVI format video capture process, is pretty good. Learning multimedia video capture can be a reference
 [remotedesktopcontrol.Rar] - Remote Desktop control of the client and server procedures; Right Beikongduan desktop images for Huffman coding block compression, speed and image qua
 [] - the code is efficient procedures to catch the latest screen version, which can rapidly screen for recording avi video files