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  Update: 2002-01-13
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 Describe: A port agent program written in java
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 [] - This is a proxy server source code, save client/server transaction data to c \ temp \ proxylog.txt modify to piont to destination server.
 [proxy4] - Write a java example proxy
 [] - java writes http proxy server

 [testProxyServer.rar] - jb development with the java proxy server source for information
 [muffin-0.9.3a.rar] - Muffin is a full realization of the java www filtration system. It can filter any of your browser by the transmission or reception of data
 [clock.Zip] - prepared using java clock small programs embedded web operation, more beautiful, for your reference.
 [] - java writes Socks4 and the Socks5 proxy serves customer end and server end tool room source code
 [] - java proxy server-http traffic filter
 [rmiagent.rar] - mobile agents since the 1990s is a new technology, its advanced nature, distributed computing in the field of better prospects for the application of
 [jain-sip-appserver.tar.gz] - First of all, the Applet-phone is a SIP User-Agent with audio and text messaging capabilities. But i s also embedded in an applet where you can use