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  Directory: Internet-Socket-Network
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  Update: 2001-10-04
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 Describe: Some about IP deceit code
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 [troja.rar] - Trojan source/* achieve the following functions : videoconference transform automatically send Email notification under 2.nt/window2000 bundled cmd, 9
 [] - Through monitors the smb connection which on other machines 139 ports sends in to request obtains registers the password the procedure example, has t
 [] - The test example of above code

 [] - Using ODBC to implement an dynamic recordset
 [ipsqipian.rar] - ip deception source of this source code downloaded from the website hope that the foreign exchange
 [] - At the same time the deletion document completely eliminates the document content procedure for NT
 [] - The source for cracking unix password
 [restrictionsIISISAPIFiltermultithreadingvisi] - use ISAPI Filter achieve restrictions IIS multithreading visit procedures. The main application download system, or do IIS use of streaming media on-d
 [RawTCP-IPlibrary.Rar] - listed for the TCP/IP protocol, and allows users to create a custom TCP/IP header, allowing IP fraud and other types of attacks. The bank also used th
 [TCPIP_LIB3.rar] - the list of the TCP/IP protocol, and allows users to create a custom TCP/IP header. Allow IP spoofing, and other types of attacks. The base also will