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  Update: 2001-02-21
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 Describe: Examines the binary file the HexView source code
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 [] - The hacker course. includes the port scanning, the IP deceit, the sniffer, the wooden horse and so on the explanation and the example
 [] - The heavy naming presently is using document (for example DLL document) procedure. When heavy start can realize the heavy naming.
 [detours-src-1.2.exe] - The libraray and example to intercept win32 api function provided by microsoft

 [Wingb_Mz.rar] - a complete complete with Delphi in an area code input method.
 [fiilcode.rar] - file encryption machine, even wrote it myself, vc interface for learning with the hope that everyone who spoke.
 [BinaryFileReader.rar] - C# can be prepared in reading and writing binary files small procedures, it may direct use
 [LeeJin-VCGuide.Rar] - Lee Jin-VC Guide VC inside some of the basic knowledge for newcomers to s
 [Random1.rar] - Binary file of random access, you can by entering the number of documents in the record to read and write
 [change_bmp_picture_tojpg.rar] - use vc++ bmp images converted to jpg format, handy
 [] - a text box and change font color source code, as simple as it appears. But it can do is the cornerstone of the interface, worth about.