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seyon-2.20c.tar Communication-Mobile 2720000 source codes to download -
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  Directory: Communication-Mobile
  Dev tools: LINUX
  File size: 164 KB
  Update: 2001-01-08
  Downloads: 1289
  Uploader: վ
 Describe: Serial communication example with abundant functions
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 [] - Production bar code DLL document and its use example
 [seyon-kermit-1.0.tgz] - Protocol component of seyons kermit protocol
 [ACS-0.5.5.tar.gz] - multi-line Adjunct communication Server

 [postgresql-6.5.2.tar.gz] - Relations database Postgresql 6.5.2
 [] - Date selector control
 [modem-1.0.tar.gz] - Modem communication library
 [HuaweiinternalproceduresdesignedtrainingPDF] - Huawei procedures training materials, turning it into a PDF version for easy reading, add a bookmark to hope it may be useful
 [SerialPort_Driver.rar] - This procedure is based on the Window CE serial driver source code
 [com-terminal.rar] - linux prepared a serial debugging procedures, can achieve serial data transmission at the reception
 [termite-0.2.0b1.src.tar.gz] - Serial communication example with abundant functions, whichs ui is like to Telix