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datamode Communication-Mobile 2720000 source codes to download -
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  Directory: Communication-Mobile
  Dev tools: Visual C++
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  Update: 2001-04-29
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 Describe: tapi programming small example
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 [] - The source of zmoderm protocol
 [] - The source of xmoderm protocol
 [] - The class for serial communication

 [g711_g721_g723.tar.gz] - CCITT G.711, G.72 3 voice compression algorithm
 [] - tapi programming applications, the project is a practical use of the code.
 [] - Graphic UI app for H323 client, using pwlib and openh323
 [] - tapi documentation, the use of TAPI programming required information
 [BMP_converter_source.rar] - BMP Photo conversion process, BMP data converted into 16-band data lattice. For LCD Display
 [scms(notdownload)] - Shenzhen pioneering digital exchange scms soft source, including : H323 Protocol Stack, SIP, HTTP call control through the firewall, such as a full se
 [] - source code of zmodem file translation protocol