ghgysdvhsy 2018-03-15 21:45:55
Description: Code for a program that uses MATLAB to match panoramic image splicing
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oeapdrary 2018-03-15 21:42:36
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YHIQ%2521697 2018-03-15 21:40:37
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和悦 2018-03-15 21:29:44
Description: Image compression and embedding watermark by DCT transform
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Owivei 2018-03-15 21:23:46
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sanli 2018-03-15 20:51:52
Description: Analysis of power system automation program based on MATLAB programming, graphics under different KA, Te, Ta
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茨榆坨 2018-03-15 20:45:32
Description: A PS cracking software that can crack almost all of Adobe's products
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LQFY%5F4388 2018-03-15 20:20:53
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LQFY%5F4388 2018-03-15 20:19:27
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songggg 2018-03-15 20:19:12
Description: These initial estimations are then modulated by membership functions, which assign specific weights to the pixels of the image sequence. The membership functions favor the well-exposed pixels from each exposure, in order to maximize the visual information in the final result. The fused image is derived by interpolating between
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song86 2018-03-15 20:16:53
Description: hat transitions between regions where different images contribute more heavily are difficult to perceive.The exposure fusion scheme was based on an observation that gradient magnitude becomes larger when a pixel gets a state of better exposed and it
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song86 2018-03-15 20:14:26
Description: structural similarity approach and a novel measure of patch structural consistency. Our experimental results on the subjective database show that the proposed model well correlates with subjective judgments and significantly outperforms the existing IQA models for general image fusion
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133549 2018-03-15 20:08:40
Description: the novel model could draw upon intensity information in local regions at a controllable scale. In addition, the penalizing term which can be called distance regularization term drives the motion of the zero level set toward desired locations. Experimental results for real and synthetic images show the desirable proposed method performances and the model efficiency on intensity inhomogeneities and weak boundaries
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songggg 2018-03-15 20:03:46
Description: from machine learning show that replacing this siamese by a triplet network can improve the classification accuracy in several problems, but this has yet to be demonstrated for local image descriptor learning. Moreover, current siamese and triplet networks have been trained with stochastic gradient descent that computes
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Eliry 2018-03-15 19:57:07
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gvd%40334787 2018-03-15 18:54:10
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fcreen 2018-03-15 18:25:39
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嘎嘣 2018-03-15 18:22:08
Description: Work with kinect to achieve face recognition and enlarge face
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RussellDuan 2018-03-15 16:14:09
Description: A toolbox for finding horseshoes in 2D maps
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哈哈我来啦 2018-03-15 16:02:10
Description: TensorFlow implementation of simple CNN neural network
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oyvz%2526817158 2018-03-15 15:44:28
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fmmgnuel 2018-03-15 15:23:33
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dcy789 2018-03-15 15:13:27
Description: The lowest bit of the image lena.tif is hidden by another image to separate the image
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obzlp!015 2018-03-15 15:13:11
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metter 2018-03-15 13:26:13
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哈哈就是小白 2018-03-15 11:36:13
Description: Local binary pattern, in MATLAB, used to extract the image feature
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Bruce Leung 2018-03-15 11:32:47
Description: Fast Fourier transform (FFT) is a fast algorithm for discrete Fourier transform. It is based on the characteristics of discrete Fourier transform, such as odd, even, virtual and real, and improves the algorithm of discrete Fu Liye transform. It has not found any new discoveries in the theory of Fourier transformation, but it is a great step to apply discrete Fu Liye transform in computer system or digital system.
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llsh 2018-03-15 11:03:02
Description: MATLAB image white balance processing gray world algorithm, input the BMP picture, and finally display the white balance after the image. You need to change the first line according to the actual path and picture name, and remove the first line of notes (%RGB=imread ('c:/2.bmp');)
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bigeggs 2018-03-15 09:59:52
Description: The input image is calculated by luminosity, the prime number is counted under different chromaticity, and the Gauss low pass filter is applied to the result.
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bigeggs 2018-03-15 09:58:08
Description: To extract the color of the input image, to count the number of pixels of different RGB values and to make a statistical analysis.
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