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Description: arquivo 4k textura dbog vegeta ozaru
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Description: hello, im developer.
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surgun 2021-04-19 04:06:31
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sami9300 2021-04-19 03:48:21
Description: 2021 MISIRI for windows
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Grimson20 2021-04-19 02:38:43
Description: Save game file to unlock everything
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zouquewandtt75zouque 2021-04-19 02:02:17
Description: Mode conversion Settings for the beginning of time, the Android timing automatic mode conversion program, can be in normal mode, silent mode, vibration mode between the conversion, after the set time, click the start button, then start the timer, time, automatic conversion mode.Involves ModeReceiver class, PendingIntent object, the use of the Calendar object, please the source code for a complete example.
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zouquewandtt75zouque 2021-04-19 02:02:10
Description: This is a big wheel for hand machine WeChat 212 lottery source code, from the perspective on the page layout, can be used directly in WeChat small programs, and of course other smartphone applications can also be used directly, the mouse click or finger touch "lucky draw", turntable can rotate, random stop after winning results shown, the following with the winners, lucky big wheel lottery _files for images and CSS files needed to use these files also need to be uploaded to the server, if otherwise, the interface will go wrong, very ugly.
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zouquewandtt75zouque 2021-04-19 02:02:03
Description: Android functional sudoku game source code, about the game play, there is no longer here, the characteristics of the game on writing, briefly explain: the game on the interface can support to replace three games theme (grass green, sky blue, dark black).At the same time also involves many android programming knowledge points in the game, such as ColorPickerDialog, DrawView, OnTouchListener application skills, sliding in the interface menu also did a good job, scroll to show and hide menu, fingers sliding to the specified speed, which can effectively avoid the misoperation, additional menu can slide to the left edge of at most.Value to be decided by the width of the menu layout, marginLeft, after arriving in this value can't reduce..In addition, a millisecond thread to sleep writing skills.Sudoku is a classic puzzle game, to write with Android, can also be familiar with all kinds of Android programming skills, to enhance the level of the Android programming help.
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yejunyu 2021-04-19 01:38:54
Description: Using unity to make 2D small game
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Description: Flood calculation of Qingshan Reservoir
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Description: clean rabbish in cdef pan
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Description: Getting started with angularjs
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Description: Co-Simulation Platform for AC Drives Control Systems
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Mickyrt 2021-04-18 23:00:59
Description: Maximum efficiency control strategy of PM traction machine drives in GM hybrid and electric vehicles
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Description: Crawling Douban books
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Description: Torque maximizing field weakening control design analysis and parameter selection
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Mickyrt 2021-04-18 22:57:11
Description: Methods for Determining the Parameters and Characteristics of PMSM
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Description: Ativador do Windows 10
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empty99 2021-04-18 22:01:19
Description: MATLAB numerical simulation of Monte Carlo random distribution of random aggregate of concrete polygon
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wamson90045 2021-04-18 21:38:51
Description: The resistance line index of investment market is used to measure the movement space. Prediction of the future trend, etc. usage: touch resistance point to close or exit.
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Description: Harmonic detection and compensation simulation
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Description: we from the top to proof
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Description: FMCW system simple implementation, suitable for beginners to learn, nothing to say
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Description: Euler angle attitude calculation, using MATLAB to achieve, only the calculation process.
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Description: learning code for avr
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farzad21 2021-04-18 19:05:08
Description: project for learning by c
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farzad21 2021-04-18 19:02:07
Description: flasher for led change
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Wally117 2021-04-18 18:18:44
Description: Simulation of isolated DC DC bidirectional full bridge control
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niechongp7niechongp7 2021-04-18 18:15:54
Description: Numerical analysis of the practice, to use the following method to calculate the integral, and compare the results.(1) the dragon berg method (2) three and five gauss formula (3) the integral interval can be divided into four parts, using composite two-point gauss formula.Using different numerical method to calculate points. (1) in different step size h, respectively with compound trapezoid and compound Simpson quadrature integral calculation, error of h function is given, and two formulas of comparison with the integral precision value accuracy, is there a minimum h, make the precision can be improved again?(2) complete the problem with dragon berg quadrature calculation (1), (3) using adaptive Simpson integral to its precision.
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niechongp7niechongp7 2021-04-18 18:15:38
Description: J2ME mobile game Mary race source code
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