destyni 2020-05-24 07:41:31
Description: In the high frequency environment such as PCIe, when the driving voltage of the transmission line changes on the signal line, the impedance will be affected by the width of the signal line and the distance to the ground. Therefore, when designing PCB, it is necessary to refer to the PCIe bus specification, especially to consider the signal impedance matching.
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destyni 2020-05-24 07:36:31
Description: The product of continuous integration and development of endoscope technology, microelectronics, digital image processing and computer technology has important research and application value in medical and industrial fields. Through the endoscope system, doctors can directly observe the tissue morphology of the internal organs, providing reliable basis and convenient operation for clinical diagnosis and treatment. At present, the high-end medical electronic endoscope products in China are still in the initial stage. High resolution, wide field of vision, small distortion and long-distance transmission are the main development direction of medical electronic endoscope system. Based on the analysis of the existing medical electronic endoscope system at home and abroad, this paper designs and implements the functional prototype of medical electronic endoscope system based on FPGA and DSP.
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Diug 2020-05-24 07:29:04
Description: flexsim is very important ,thank you very much very very very much
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yuer341 2020-05-24 07:28:43
Description: scikit-learn and tensorflow machine learning
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nolex68 2020-05-24 02:30:36
Description: indicartor & robot for those who need
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Veba 2020-05-24 01:32:51
Description: kms vl all in one pdf
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Veba 2020-05-24 01:29:25
Description: Windows KMS AIO activator
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Description: library writer ebook
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Description: . exe, 9093122015-12-02
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没有昵称22 2020-05-24 00:03:37
Description: Data resources for Python courses,you can download it to write code.
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涂 涂 2020-05-23 23:41:58
Description: Based on Mecanum wheel omnidirectional mobile control platform
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Description: GP2.2-SCP03,pdf globalplatform card specification SCP03 Securechannel Protocol
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supbati 2020-05-23 22:53:06
Description: Wowpacketparser, world of Warcraft packet analyzer (WPP) usage compiling wowpacketpars using Visual Studio 2015 or higher (Windows) or mono 4.4 or higher (Linux / OSX)
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酷锐 2020-05-23 22:48:43
Description: PHP collection, m3u8 one-time parsing source code: test the available m3u8 Video Parsing interface source code, one-time parsing is direct parsing, the second parsing is to collect other people's parsing interface encapsulation and then parsing, most of them have advertisements, but this only supports. M3u8 format video address parsing!
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系哈哈哈 2020-05-23 21:58:18
Description: BP neural network program for predicting NOx at the entrance of SCR reactor
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Description: HTTP picture transfer
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电机初学者 2020-05-23 20:58:22
Description: The permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) controlled by RBF neural network, double closed-loop by FOC vector control and neural network control in speed loop
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touili555 2020-05-23 20:37:42
Description: fueDVl cell and battVDVery systemDV
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touili555 2020-05-23 20:36:55
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touili555 2020-05-23 20:35:58
Description: fuZEgveel cell eagZEGbattery systemqdvsqVeza
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Description: fuefel cefzzeell anefzf systemtrhgbdh
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Description: sumilnk asservissement exercice5
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Description: sumilnk asservissement exercice4
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Description: sumilnk asservissement exercice2
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Description: matlab sumilnk asservissement exercice1
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Description: matlab sumilnk asservissement exercice
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ghalyan 2020-05-23 19:21:53
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hytt 2020-05-23 19:08:41
Description: The second edition of the code is a new interpretation of the classic works of Steve McConnell, the famous it bestseller, 11 years ago: the second edition is not a simple revision of the first edition, but a complete rewrite; it adds a lot of content that keeps pace with the times. This is
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hytt 2020-05-23 18:48:52
Description: A chat application based on Linux + C language, involving knowledge of multi process, process communication, QT, mysql, etc.
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yksong 2020-05-23 18:34:24
Description: Quantitative transaction function software interface, batch entrustment, docking with fast order system
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