LINGXINSHINE 2020-09-23 21:17:07
Description: parasolid PK
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reddyeee202 2020-09-23 18:57:43
Description: matlab code for newton rapson load flow method
Plat: matlab | Size: 14KB | Downloads: 1
俊俊2020 2020-09-23 18:43:54
Description: Used to simulate the flow field analysis of butterfly flapping wings
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sag2222 2020-09-23 18:40:30
Description: raffic lights, traffic signals, stoplights or robots are signalling devices positioned at road intersections, pedestrian crossings, and other locations to control flows of traffic. The world's first traffic light was a manually operated gas-lit signal installed in London in
Plat: WINDOWS | Size: 5789KB | Downloads: 0
俊俊2020 2020-09-23 18:40:02
Description: heat source of welding
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liinot 2020-09-23 18:22:49
Description: pahsemodulator optisystem
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繁华落尽。 2020-09-23 18:17:13
Description: R0 process protection driver source code
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federico2 2020-09-23 17:33:33
Description: Modification to Sil to track mortality
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等风的旗75072180 2020-09-23 17:10:30
Description: R2,rockey2,coed,Dog source code file
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楚家二少 2020-09-23 17:01:21
Description: Chinese version and code (Python 2. X and python 3. X) of "Neural Networks and Deep Learning"
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kholk 2020-09-23 16:17:35
Description: Novatek NT7534 datasheet
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水子哥 2020-09-23 16:00:41
Description: Climb up douban user data
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最晚的晚安 2020-09-23 15:48:12
Description: The two digit decimal addition and subtraction circuit made by Multisim is displayed by four digital tubes, and the addition circuit and subtraction circuit can be switched by one key
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2222ds22 2020-09-23 15:47:02
Description: Python algorithm for selecting multidimensional features,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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大宝1111 2020-09-23 15:38:22
Description: Based on Jeffery equation, the flow state of fiber in non Newtonian fluid is given
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小雨滴滴嗒 2020-09-23 15:07:36
Description: filename=input('File Name or press ENTER for Listing Transfer HP16500C: '); if isempty(filename) filename = 'listing'; end fid=fopen(filename,'r'); numpt=input('Number of Data Points? '); numbit=input ('ADC Resolution? '); mid_code=input(Enter Mid-Code (Mean): '); for i=1:13, %Discard 13 lines of redundant or header-related HP16500C data fgetl(fid); end
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Johlea 2020-09-23 15:06:58
Description: worldeditor for ran online
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小雨滴滴嗒 2020-09-23 15:03:36
Description: A=max(mid_code,2^numbit-1-mid_code)+0.1; %Initial estimate of actual sine wave amplitude vin=(0:2^numbit-1)-mid_code; %distance of codes to mid code sin2ramp=1./(pi* sqrt(A^2*ones(size(vin))-vin.*vin)); %sin2ramp*numpt is the expected %Count each code; keep increasing estimate of A until the actual total
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小雨滴滴嗒 2020-09-23 15:01:08
Description: A=max(mid_code,2^numbit-1-mid_code)+0.1; %Initial estimate of actual sine wave amplitude vin=(0:2^numbit-1)-mid_code; %distance of codes to mid code sin2ramp=1./(pi* sqrt(A^2*ones(size(vin))-vin.*vin)); %sin2ramp*numpt is the expected %Count each code; keep increasing estimate of A until the actual total number of counts from %code 1 to 2^numbit-2 matches with that predicted by sin2ramp*numpt while sum(code_co
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小雨滴滴嗒 2020-09-23 14:58:39
Description: v1=v1'; code=v1(:,2); code_count=zeros(1,2^numbit); %Code count for i=1:size(code), code_count(code(i)+1)=code_count(code(i)+1) + 1; end %Routine to detect whether the ADC's input is clipping or not if code_count(1) == 0 | code_count(2^numbit) == 0 | ... (code_count(1) < code_count(2)) | (code_count(2^numbit-1) > code_count(2^numbit)) disp('Increase Sine-Wave Amplitude to Slightly Clip the ADC!!!'); break; end
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张革要 2020-09-23 14:50:36
Description: json For Delphi . this is superobject for json data.
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小菜子 2020-09-23 14:32:28
Description: DIY realizes maglev function
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kinz 2020-09-23 14:03:19
Description: Discover AnyDesk, the secure & intuitive remote desktop software, and take advantage of the application's innovative features!
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秋雨梧桐12 2020-09-23 12:44:51
Description: Matlab simulation model of PMSM Vector Control Based on sliding film observer
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秋雨梧桐12 2020-09-23 12:42:14
Description: Compared with the traditional vector control, the improved direct torque DTC control strategy of permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) has better performance, and the speed and current fluctuation of the transformed load are smaller
Plat: matlab | Size: 31KB | Downloads: 0
秋雨梧桐12 2020-09-23 12:39:41
Description: The MATLAB simulation of the closed-loop control of PMSM can be used as a reference to improve the synovial control
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秋雨梧桐12 2020-09-23 12:36:45
Description: The MATLAB simulation model of vector control of three-phase PMSM can refer to the learning model and add FOC sensorless control
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hulonghu 2020-09-23 12:25:33
Description: No one is expected to use this software. FoxPro can't see it
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hulonghu 2020-09-23 12:22:38
Description: 2bbDo not know how to use, please take a look, what version of java do not understand
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caca123 2020-09-23 11:54:03
Description: The software is the standard deviation formula in mathematics. It can calculate the average value and standard deviation by adding an array
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