minbaozhep248minbaoz 2021-01-24 15:02:17
Description: Nine different animation style most of mouse hover effects, a range of implementation of the mouse hover effects, icon on mouseover effect, a total of nine different style of animation, including your mouse on the icon, will see different hover animation effects, suitable for mobile application development, mobile phone effect is particularly good, test, please use the chrome or firefox.
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th009 2021-01-24 14:57:13
Description: have an image is image 4
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th009 2021-01-24 14:54:53
Description: test image one a image
Plat: WINDOWS | Size: 18KB | Downloads: 0
th009 2021-01-24 14:53:33
Description: test image just one a image
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MOGO1 2021-01-24 14:41:01
Description: This paper introduces the common algorithms and methods of College Students' mathematical modeling, and their specific applications.
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MOGO1 2021-01-24 14:37:59
Description: This book introduces a large number of mathematical modeling algorithm, and its application for a lot of analysis
Plat: Others | Size: 5391KB | Downloads: 0
MOGO1 2021-01-24 14:36:21
Description: This paper introduces the common methods and algorithms in mathematical modeling, and provides a large number of modeling cases
Plat: Others | Size: 8141KB | Downloads: 0
MOGO1 2021-01-24 14:34:22
Description: This paper introduces the common methods and algorithms of College Students' mathematical modeling, and its application in mathematical modeling
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luoyangkangge 2021-01-24 14:07:01
Description: Arbitrarily modify the level of items, props and so on
Plat: Java | Size: 8208KB | Downloads: 0
tawudingfs146tawudin 2021-01-24 14:02:12
Description: A feature very cow VB FTP program source code, is a FTP client program that can be used as a powerful FTP software, want to be a good function, interface and satisfy the habits of most people, a bit like CuteFTP function and interface, the code there are many network technique can be a reference.
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tawudingfs146tawudin 2021-01-24 14:01:53
Description: Support group beautiful Flash picture round effects, click on the thumbnail into the batch of photo slideshow mode, namely the image can be grouped, after entering each thumbnail, how the effect of image switching, based on the XML configuration files, this image slideshows can be used in the web photo album, also can be used on web pages as images recommendation module.
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Emotinao 2021-01-24 13:17:22
Description: Using Verilog code to realize the generation of fibolacci sequence
Plat: VHDL | Size: 1068KB | Downloads: 1
shyshy19 2021-01-24 13:03:57
Description: toolsMaybe you want to sign up for a site which requires that you provide an e-mail address to send validation e-mail to. And maybe you don't want ...
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relanjiep97relanjiep 2021-01-24 13:01:35
Description: VB realize USB hang-lock program, the use of USB device lock screen, can be shutdown, logout and suspend system, can be set to start on the lock screen program, specified time off, and so on.
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relanjiep97relanjiep 2021-01-24 13:01:22
Description: VC MFC written in the same network segment information detector machine, scan LAN IP and host name and MAC address, set the IP section, can begin to scan, scan time 20 milliseconds: the code excerpt is as follows: pDlg - > m_strIP. The Format (" % d, % d, % d, % d ", B1 [0], B1 [1], [2] B1, B1 [3])./ / get a IP pDlg - > m_ListBox. InsertString (0, pDlg - > m_strIP);/ / insert the IP ListView IP field / / if (B1 [3].= 0
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wei88009 2021-01-24 12:25:58
Description: Wxctb-0.9, a cross platform C + + serial communication library for wxWidgets tar.gz
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manimani 2021-01-24 12:24:39
Description: Read in network and calculate AUC value file of link prediction in complex network
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eason5713 2021-01-24 12:08:59
Description: Transferred from gitub, decrypt the use of optical cat files, delete the infringement contact, thank you for sharing.
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anpaiduonlb635anpaid 2021-01-24 12:02:17
Description: A gradient effect window instances, this case will be how to generate a gradient, and fill the form, the method of C, as shown in the demo screenshot red gradient is generated by the program code, very smooth, there are also some of the parameters can be custom, to change the gradient type, give it a try yourself.
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anpaiduonlb635anpaid 2021-01-24 12:02:04
Description: PHP acquisition (thief) program, copy the contents of the BBS collection procedures, using PHP environment, does not include the database part, if you need to save to the database, the data collected the need to add, this code only show part of the implementation.
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吃麻不吃辣 2021-01-24 10:27:49
Description: C simulation of store storage cabinet
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dpcfljgmqr 2021-01-24 10:18:33
Description: Using the web page design and programming technology, PHP blog management system management system, database is mysql, program + database, refer to The Times to develop good learning materials
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crk2933 2021-01-24 09:07:35
Description: source code emv writer
Plat: WINDOWS | Size: 438KB | Downloads: 3
hebabaze 2021-01-24 08:52:01
Description: spark python big data
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shangmi8052shangmi80 2021-01-24 07:01:15
Description: VB simple attendance system, the author: XiaoJingFeng, ha ha, do not say to go up is a system, can only say that a attendance application example, the person can record attendance names, positions and clock time information, such as the database is Access format, function is not much, is a book of science and technology for tomorrow VB own examples in the book, the purpose is to learn VB database, simple operation, the use of third party controls Mwic_32. DLL has been packaged for you in the source code, VB lovers are interested can download the source study.
Plat: Others | Size: 60KB | Downloads: 0
shangmi8052shangmi80 2021-01-24 07:00:55
Description: Jsp to upload pictures and cutting, and can enlarge images, images can be used as the head of the user center cutting upload function, based on the picture of the jquery core cutting, it is important to note that in the document. The ready event after uploading to for the first time without access to open the image, should be not be downloaded.Can drag the picture to cut head.The size of the avatar images should be no greater than 2.5 M.
Plat: Others | Size: 147KB | Downloads: 1
guaivh245guaivh245 2021-01-24 06:01:53
Description: Small WeChat online to listen to music program source code, can be loaded in the remote server online music album, singer, listening to music, and other functions, is a small program running in WeChat environment online to listen to music APP sample, not much function, can learn WeChat UI interface design and network load as well as the music playing skills, this small program running effect, please see the below shows, more concise style.
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guaivh245guaivh245 2021-01-24 06:01:44
Description: A written by Delphi Internet cafe management system, the function including charging management, add price, setting time, computer management, user login, and credit card registration, based on the ACCESS database, before use, please in the system DSN name for Internet cafe management system.
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aqua_5 2021-01-24 05:39:09
Description: test C program windows sample program
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hunjianvc1hunjianvc1 2021-01-24 05:02:19
Description: Blog site for Flash menu, the menu style is very suitable for blog sites, from the start shows have animation effects, like the Flash station can under reference.
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