jiangd98983jiangd989 2020-11-23 20:41:20
Description: Ultimate shop7z ASP online shopping system, back office address: http:// domain name/admin mall background account and password are admin
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jiangd98983jiangd989 2020-11-23 20:41:01
Description: Android making screen scroll bar example, also can saying is a slider, everyone at the time of playing mobile phone, a lot of applications have this effect, this code seems to get from foreigners, didn't also a comment, anyway, hair came up, need to download it.
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jiangd98983jiangd989 2020-11-23 20:40:16
Description: Java Mario game game source code, code complete, with image resource and material, conditional can be recompiled, modify, or can be improved for android game.
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jiangd98983jiangd989 2020-11-23 20:39:52
Description: Written in Java Android system optimization software source code, a Java code runs on the Android system, similar to a small application of the function of the 360 security guards, optimize the Android kernel, clearing up the rubbish and had not debugging environment, grasped run screenshot.
Plat: Others | Size: 1176KB | Downloads: 0
jiangd98983jiangd989 2020-11-23 20:39:44
Description: An android video player in the android Java code, I there is no android environment, code can't debugging, no catch screenshots, looks code is quite complete, can be a friend to learn android application development to provide a reference.
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jiangd98983jiangd989 2020-11-23 20:39:38
Description: Java Android application splash screen, Android application startup effects, careful friends will find that almost all of the Android mobile phone application has an open when start interface, display is loaded.This effect is the android loading animation with flashing effect, developing android applications, but for your application to add similar effects, increase software spice.
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jiangd98983jiangd989 2020-11-23 20:39:32
Description: Examples of Java HttpConnection connections, support Java small programs to run on the mobile end, through the establishment of HttpConnection connection, to the text information and display on the screen, the related test code is as follows:
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jiangd98983jiangd989 2020-11-23 20:39:14
Description: CS structure of TCP server - Java code, the TCP server side code is as follows:
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jiangd98983jiangd989 2020-11-23 20:39:08
Description: Java dealing with Chinese file name - the Chinese name of the file compression, demonstrate the Java handling of the Chinese name of the file, some friends doubt to the operation of the Chinese name of the file, sometimes chip, the Java code is a compressed file name in Chinese, maybe you can refer to.
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jiangd98983jiangd989 2020-11-23 20:39:02
Description: Play wav audio function implementation code, Java playing wav audio, audio compression package test, whether can play MP3, unknown.
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jiangd98983jiangd989 2020-11-23 20:38:55
Description: Java Servlet encapsulate the user login demo code, including the Java source code, user name and password login procedure, login Java code examples comparison basis, Shared with Java beginners.
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jiangd98983jiangd989 2020-11-23 20:38:49
Description: Canvas mapping in the Java source code examples, mainly is to draw the line, arc, rectangle, triangle, text, round, such as simple geometry, mainly by creating DrawingCanvas object Canvas, command set for the Canvas listener, implementing an interface CommandListener method, draw the contents of the buffer image to the Canvas, drawing part of the code:
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jiangd98983jiangd989 2020-11-23 20:38:36
Description: Java TreeView source code tree is added in the window menu, Shared with an example of Java beginners, JTextField jtfInfo;/ / text fields, click to display the node name
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jiangd98983jiangd989 2020-11-23 20:38:30
Description: Java user name password authentication instance, Java window procedure, you can learn how to initialize the text input box in the form, initial login password input box, and button event handling, initialize button event handling, etc., and set does not allow users to change the window size, running effect as shown in the screenshot.
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jiangd98983jiangd989 2020-11-23 20:38:24
Description: Java reflection generated image effect, reflection effect of the image looks pretty good, by the principle of image re-paint, first read the pictures, resolution images, then redraw picture, generate reflection.
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jiangd98983jiangd989 2020-11-23 20:38:18
Description: Java alarm clock source, how to get a calendar object, for hours, to determine whether a alarm clock to open, time comparison, play the sound basic skills, such as the Java beginners more reference value.
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jiangd98983jiangd989 2020-11-23 20:38:12
Description: Java implementation text arbitrary drag, drag text characters everywhere, moved to any position, super (" drag text processing ");/ / call the superclass constructor
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jiangd98983jiangd989 2020-11-23 20:37:47
Description: Java Calendar mobile phone options - Calendar of the previous period
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jiangd98983jiangd989 2020-11-23 20:37:41
Description: Java mobile terminal access to submit application form input, public ScreenDemo () {
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jiangd98983jiangd989 2020-11-23 20:37:35
Description: Run on the phone the Java code, music player can play WMV files directly, about whether can play MP3 files, haven't tested, application interface, as shown in the demo screenshot time relationship, interested in downloading the source code study yourself.
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jiangd98983jiangd989 2020-11-23 20:37:28
Description: JAva drag the slider rotating pictures, drag the slider to change the image rotation Angle, but learning the technique of slide block value assignment.Part of the code is as follows:
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jiangd98983jiangd989 2020-11-23 20:37:16
Description: Another Java character animation, text effect
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jiangd98983jiangd989 2020-11-23 20:37:10
Description: JAva to draw graphics fill an example, including the function of graphics and graphics fill two modules of presentation,
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cuduonaot9cuduonaot9 2020-11-23 20:36:53
Description: Java makes text vertical stretching deformation, thus forming a Java text animation effects, on the longitudinal vertical direction, text height change, change from low to high, continuous action to form a kind of visual animation effects.
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cuduonaot9cuduonaot9 2020-11-23 20:36:41
Description: Java examples of how to realize the image blur and sharpening effect, engaged in graphic design of friends may see at a glance, this very similar to the effect of Ps, in order to display the Java powerful image processing ability, in this instance will achieve this function, instance of a professional book, from Java code comments in the quite rich, is a good example for study, reference value.
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cuduonaot9cuduonaot9 2020-11-23 20:36:28
Description: Java resizing images and zoom effects, reduce and enlarge the demonstration / / images
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cuduonaot9cuduonaot9 2020-11-23 20:36:16
Description: Java download (get) files from the network of small example, the Container Container = getContentPane ();/ / get the container
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cuduonaot9cuduonaot9 2020-11-23 20:36:10
Description: The PHP source code version of the QQ chat robot, 5 a bot, a development in PHP MySQL QQ robot.Powerful, cluster management and entertainment is a body of essential artifact yo;Intelligent flexible, massive plug-in follow extension, the figure small smart agile;Rest assured, the background, the robot can 24 hours a day online.Program description:
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cuduonaot9cuduonaot9 2020-11-23 20:36:04
Description: PHP acquisition (thief) program, copy the contents of the BBS collection procedures, using PHP environment, does not include the database part, if you need to save to the database, the data collected the need to add, this code only show part of the implementation.
Plat: Others | Size: 2548KB | Downloads: 0
cuduonaot9cuduonaot9 2020-11-23 20:35:53
Description: PHP MMM financial support system source code, to thinkphp as the core, the package contains instructions:
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