bingqkc48537bingqkc4 2020-12-05 20:02:36
Description: C calendar arrangement (input to generate a calendar year) related to the algorithm instance, calendar arrangement is a large cycle period, every 400 years namely this year, month, day, week, and 400 years ago in exactly the same.The astronomical calendar according to the laws of the celestial, take 365.2425 days a year.In this way, every 400 years a total of 365.2425 x 400 = 146097 days.If 365 days a year, every 400 years less 0.2425 x 400 = 97 days.This 97 days by setting a leap year (year 366) days to cobble together, so, per 97 in 400 to set up the leap year.
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bingqkc48537bingqkc4 2020-12-05 20:02:30
Description: Yang hui triangle problem C example source code, I hope this algorithm source code, can solve your doubts of Yang hui triangle problems, help you solve mysteries.
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bingqkc48537bingqkc4 2020-12-05 20:02:18
Description: C friends information management program source code, design a friend used to manage information of the program.The friend information (age, name, phone number) in MyFrd. Dat, read out the information from the file and display, and can according to the names (requirements can simplify input, such as input last name can only query) query, the query information output to the screen.
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bingqkc48537bingqkc4 2020-12-05 20:01:42
Description: VC drawing instance: five-pointed star map source, way of thinking: calculate each vertex of the pentagram, calculate polygon vertex positions, other point order, obtain high and wide, the number of points obtained, drawing graphics, create a brush and brush, set colors, initialize the color to red.
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bingqkc48537bingqkc4 2020-12-05 20:01:36
Description: VC double buffer usage related demo source code, this demo instance mainly illustrate the principle of double buffer technology and double buffering method under the environment of VC GDI drawing.Online information is less, mostly DirectX related, so wrote this example, still hope to have a friend needs help.
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bingqkc48537bingqkc4 2020-12-05 20:01:30
Description: Faster the VC directory lookup file as an example, a total of 2 test, find subdirectories, maximum in 100 directory lookup, but this restriction can be modified.When using, specify search directory, enter search file extension type (empty to find all content), support for the extension of the: *. Sys.*. Exe.*. Ini.*.txt.Searchable directory name match, the file is consistent, if after the search to the target will classify displayed in their text box.
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bingqkc48537bingqkc4 2020-12-05 20:01:24
Description: VC circulation delete multistage "folder", the recursive method is used, how much directory can be deleted, directory depth is very big, is not assured the deep source display method can quickly remove directory, interested can turn interface text translated into Chinese, but the most important is not to use this program, but to learn the program method.
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bindiegir2bindiegir2 2020-12-05 20:01:07
Description: A custom DataList VC database list control, according to the author: BaoHaoBo, belongs to the Dao database operation procedures, implementation of the function: the records in the database to the column, can make records to add, delete, modify, query and other operations.After the operation will generate a configuration file (see the code CDataSet), is used to save the database file, the font and color.Process improvements:
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bindiegir2bindiegir2 2020-12-05 20:01:01
Description: VC ADO and common database operations demo application, it is a primary used operation instances, including the SQL connection to create, ADO related operations, such as add, delete, query, modify database contents, such as the source directory study_bak from MS SQL Server BACKUP library file.Before use, please RESTORE to the first study in the library.
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bindiegir2bindiegir2 2020-12-05 20:00:49
Description: Earlier when a VC catering management system, based on the Access database, added some special function in the food system, especially the use of the ListView control, the mouse on any lines of data, the function executes click of the mouse.Function can be realized at the front desk sales, statistical reports, basic data, system maintenance, and other functions, there are more than a custom shortcut function, the Access database before you run the test copy to EXE file directory, at the same level of default login: Admin 1234, please open the database for other password.
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bindiegir2bindiegir2 2020-12-05 20:00:42
Description: VC write address book program, had sent a couple of days ago oh, this is different on the interface and functionality.
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bindiegir2bindiegir2 2020-12-05 20:00:35
Description: A use VC code written in C/S structure of SQL database server, including the SQL server and the client program information, although not used to strong, but in this case, the database you can learn more knowledge of database programming, you can even take it as a special of SQL server,
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bindiegir2bindiegir2 2020-12-05 20:00:22
Description: Collection url with a VC database program, similar to Windows url favorites, but the program is based on the database, using VC implementation to the operation of the database (add and delete etc.) will be saved to the local database, the collection's web site is a base and a typical database application instance, believe to learn VC Access database techniques have some help.The program also realize the function of website printouts.
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bindiegir2bindiegir2 2020-12-05 20:00:16
Description: Tabbed browsing VC simple address book program, and attach the Access database, use of technology is not high, most of them are the foundation of knowledge database, such as adding name, phone number, address, contact number, Email and other information, and paging in browse and view of time, still can query designated personnel contact information, for the friend that just contact VC database programming, perhaps is a introduction to database programming examples.
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bindiegir2bindiegir2 2020-12-05 20:00:10
Description: A VC database program example: personal account, this program also use database skills to write practical application, the basis of the maintenance of personal financial management program, with the help of this program you can learn more about the initialization COM, creating ADO connection operation, such as advised statement to commonly used in the operation of the ADO the try...The catch () to capture the error message, access to library library of the IDispatch pointer, read from the database list of handlers and type list, read the records of consumption for the month, to add a new billing information, etc.
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shuangqny8356shuangq 2020-12-05 19:59:53
Description: VC remote desktop timing monitor display program, time view is the function of the monitoring computer desktop, this feature for monitoring staff, work well.Note: this monitoring program can display only a remote computer desktop information, not for remote control, operation method is quite simple, I need to monitor computer IP and port, as shown in the screenshot, monitor staff work.
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shuangqny8356shuangq 2020-12-05 19:59:47
Description: VC through the watermark will be private information stored in the image, including the added water the encryption/decryption process, for the picture (left) as the original figure, on the right is embedded in the hidden information figure, action object BMP images, refresh after joining the hidden information of images can be shown, after extraction, pop-up save dialog, the user to save.
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shuangqny8356shuangq 2020-12-05 19:59:41
Description: VC chat program RSA send message encryption example, after the program runs in the Windows display icon tray, in addition to encrypt the message after the realization of private chat, also can do some assist setting options: such as message sending arrival voice remind, after receiving the message automatically pop-up message box, start the network connection, automatic running program, and periodically.Directions for use:
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shuangqny8356shuangq 2020-12-05 19:59:34
Description: A fractal image generation based on VC, view, edit, process, source code is provided by the second senior middle school class Jiang Wei guizhou anshun city, who wrote the program as a high school student, cattle enough, now, he would probably have become masters of the VC programming?Part shape image producer can be used to generate and display the fractal image, and according to the original graphics Settings to generate a new graphics.Specifically using fractal algorithm to generate the tree, you can adjust the tree left main stem length, strength, strength, line thickness and color, right to decide whether to point to line, it is not use, such as segmentation points set up complete click the "update" can generate a new image of the tree.
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shuangqny8356shuangq 2020-12-05 19:59:28
Description: VC produced many style scale related to the source code, can study the determination of the kinds of scale, scale denominator: 1 / m_fScale, 1 to 000 scale, m_fScale = 10000, logical units of 0.1 mm, increasing x to the right, increasing y, if you are to determine the scale of the method is not very familiar with, this source can help you determine how to generate specific data scale.
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shuangqny8356shuangq 2020-12-05 19:59:22
Description: VC SOCKET API send message data as an example, when testing, please start the server application, and then configured IP address, can be exchanged between the news, in the client SOCKET API communication.Create a server Socket, type SOCK_STREAM, connection-oriented communication.
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shuangqny8356shuangq 2020-12-05 19:59:16
Description: VC draw a straight line, circle, rectangle source code examples, with software splash screen and fade out form the special effects, drawing function, support to draw a straight line, short form, circle, polygon, draw, cutting, random line, add text, etc., to know a good example of VC graphics.
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shuangqny8356shuangq 2020-12-05 19:59:09
Description: Flash when the splash screen source VC window, hold the pictures, so you can't see the effect, the splash screen that most people know, here is not introduced, in this case the source code is modified version, prototype from jian-xiang li "the realization of the splash screen graphic special effects" example in the article, belong to the simpler kind, ace to go around.
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hongzd451hongzd451 2020-12-05 19:58:51
Description: Looks quite complete VC chat system, there are a lot of chat subroutine directory, the code inside is rich, before the official launch of a chat system, and of course QQ, utility function is different, though, not to use it now but for VC network programming, inside, so many of the techniques is that we need to work or see more good oh.
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hongzd451hongzd451 2020-12-05 19:58:38
Description: A proxy server prototype VC source code, this is a simple proxy server program exists in the form of service, to provide agency service Windows socket IO completion port model prototype is designed, the primary and secondary support HTTP proxy, will automatically be reconnect the connection is broken, the time is up to you to decide, at the same time it can specify any other connection-oriented secondary agent.
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hongzd451hongzd451 2020-12-05 19:58:25
Description: VC related demo source wavelet transform, wavelet transform and image processing as an example, such as open a BMP image, can make the wavelet once, twice, three times, also can undertake transformation, filtering and inverse transform, fairly good example.
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hongzd451hongzd451 2020-12-05 19:58:19
Description: A VC API interfaces use instance using manual. PDF. MPP2.0 mainly interface API, which is known as the China mobile SMS gateway interface protocols (CMPP2.0), through this interface, you can either develop SP application (as the CLIENT connection CMPP gateway, message sending and receiving), also can develop CMPP gateway program (as the SERVER receives the SP connection and MT request, of course is to simulate the gateway, because it only has realized the partial function of gateway - CMPP - SERVER, is the actual gateway should have SMPP CLIENT and PACKET - SERVER module).
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hongzd451hongzd451 2020-12-05 19:58:13
Description: VC to achieve linear cube rotation effects, a rotating cube box model with controllable perspective, the mouse to drag the slider on the right side, can change the Angle of three dimensional cube, above the slider change rotation Angle, the slider at the bottom of the main is to make the cube on the Y axis movement.
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hongzd451hongzd451 2020-12-05 19:58:07
Description: VC in the case of not restart the computer to modify the machine, mask, and gateway IP address, you can use the GetAdaptersInfo information to achieve the network card, but the display name is not very specific, everyone seems to feel strange, modify these seem to don't need to restart the computer?Writing the right, but when the program is applicable to Windows, modify IP at the time of what, is to restart the computer, so this procedure realize at the time the success not restart the computer and modify the machine IP address, mask, and gateway, very well at the time.
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hongzd451hongzd451 2020-12-05 19:58:00
Description: VC wrote the third chess game source code, played?Heard of renju, have not seen nor heard the third chess ah, what is going on?Play and gobang roughly similar: to make their own pieces add up to three, then you can put any other child fail, the game is the main program server and client, and listener port automatically, and extended to the network version of board games.
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