TAOIkimyb%5F653 2019-04-09 14:55:57
Description: This is a platform code for employee payroll management, suitable for learning, and network company computing
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pgoxile 2019-04-09 14:48:29
Description: It's a message. VBSCRIPT ACCESS. I'm a little scared. At the stage of the study.
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pgoxile 2019-04-09 14:47:02
Description: The online score query system enters the student's name score into the database and can then be queried in the asp page
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dedpction 2019-04-09 14:40:20
Description: Chat production process, help to reference, the interface is rich and beautiful good source code
Plat: ASP | Size: 121KB | Downloads: 1
dedpction 2019-04-09 14:39:08
Description: Program description: online payment system and bank transfer; functional integrity, can be collected
Plat: IDL | Size: 351KB | Downloads: 1
rsbestnesa 2019-04-09 14:23:30
Description: Breakthrough forum, powerful forum management system, good source code, good use
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rsbestnesa 2019-04-09 14:22:05
Description: Log in customer Service Repository Operation Replenishment Operation dispatch notify replenishment operation and other functions
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GEPTtwrs%2525252B975 2019-04-09 14:14:41
Description: At present program function 1 company news section 2 company product section 3 message block 4 system,
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GEPTtwrs%2525252B975 2019-04-09 14:13:14
Description: The elevator can automatically level the floor to the first floor, indicating the operation process of the actual elevator when it is powered on for the first time.
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Etocj 2019-04-09 14:06:09
Description: This message can be rewritten with your nickname and password after you fill in your password when you leave a message or reply
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Etocj 2019-04-09 14:04:38
Description: The layout is beautiful, the update is fast, the mtv, 100yy, comMTV thief program basketball league MTV music channel,
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ptanyw 2019-04-09 13:57:45
Description: A small system for database management written in asp. Welcome to teach more.
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ptanyw 2019-04-09 13:56:38
Description: The purpose of this procedure is to reduce the pressure of all manual operation of educational work and reduce the students' information.
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efkeed 2019-04-09 13:49:52
Description: The head and deputy monitor can appoint and remove other class committee members and assign proper management authority, good source code
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efkeed 2019-04-09 13:48:27
Description: This probe is used on a asp,net server to detect server system and hardware information
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BVRW-85586 2019-04-09 13:38:22
Description: All the files in this directory copy to your IIS virtual directory to run setup under the installation directory
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BVRW-85586 2019-04-09 13:36:50
Description: Non-component uploading program with multiple features such as not allowing people with fixed IP addresses to make merchant ships, not allowing specific file malls
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jursor 2019-04-09 13:29:49
Description: I wrote the wap website program, I hope to bring you the benefits of learning, good
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jursor 2019-04-09 13:28:39
Description: It is convenient for all kinds of management of the enterprise and has many powerful functions of modern enterprise management.
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aazun 2019-04-09 13:23:29
Description: No component upload feature Server can easily upload photos without any upload component support
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purposis 2019-04-09 13:12:38
Description: Good registration program source code! Favorite friends can be used to study.
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purposis 2019-04-09 13:11:06
Description: You can submit a registration form! There's a database. Come on! Simple interface beautification!
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XJEyii$31981 2019-04-09 13:04:23
Description: Multi-level class open level: four classes open level, class administrator can choose according to need
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XJEyii$31981 2019-04-09 13:03:01
Description: Official document signing system, can upload files, etc., is worth learning, very good source code,
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Gaxig 2019-04-09 12:55:08
Description: Function introduction: 1, support status switch: message general switch, message switch
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Gaxig 2019-04-09 12:53:51
Description: This paper mainly introduces some techniques and applications of dynamic production of ASP, which is very good.
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nndij 2019-04-09 12:47:30
Description: Have you ever encountered a situation like this when you watch a movie and listen to music and find that the sound is too low?
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nndij 2019-04-09 12:46:07
Description: This paper mainly introduces the structure of ASP, which is not recognized as a good book for beginners.
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Alsled 2019-04-09 12:41:05
Description: Building web database and applications in a combined way can quickly develop up-to-date and powerful web applications
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Alsled 2019-04-09 12:39:23
Description: This paper mainly introduces some techniques and applications of dynamic production of ASP, which is very good.
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