ffwg 2017-10-31 21:02:40
Description: The directory is the test server, which supports 1 rooms, each room with 6 people online
Plat: C/C++ | Size: 3973KB | Downloads: 1
zand123 2017-10-21 20:00:50
Plat: C/C++ | Size: 38KB | Downloads: 1
magnificus 2017-10-21 12:16:00
Description: rfc for voip telephony
Plat: PHP | Size: 406KB | Downloads: 3
yangzhishui 2017-10-06 15:27:47
Description: Media Gateway Control Protocol
Plat: C/C++ | Size: 1133KB | Downloads: 1
咕噜—— 2017-09-20 10:12:03
Description: The ORTP library can be used to test the RTP protocol, and the receiver uses VS2013
Plat: WINDOWS | Size: 1KB | Downloads: 1
咕噜—— 2017-09-20 10:08:21
Description: Ability to test RTP protocols using the ORTP Library
Plat: WINDOWS | Size: 1KB | Downloads: 1
小脚宝 2017-09-11 15:17:25
Description: A library that follows the RTP protocol and is written in C language. Real time transport protocol RTP (Real-time Transport Protocol) is a network transport protocol
Plat: C/C++ | Size: 442KB | Downloads: 5
lemonjack 2017-09-06 17:03:34
Description: Streaming media server setting on Windows OS
Plat: WINDOWS | Size: 42385KB | Downloads: 7
公子不白 2017-09-06 10:34:41
Description: Pjproject-2.6, vs2013 has been compiled and can be used directly
Plat: Visual C++ | Size: 68402KB | Downloads: 6
fennanning 2017-08-21 17:35:31
Description: Arrival process is a Poisson process, Optimization class contains several simple sample programs, PSS primary synchronization signal in the time domain simulation related.
Plat: Asm | Size: 6KB | Downloads: 1
mdqgtd 2017-08-21 15:40:18
Description: There are detailed notes, Matching Pursuit and orthogonal matching pursuit, It comprises aircraft flight attitude control, such as slip angle, tilt angle, roll angle, pitch angle.
Plat: Asm | Size: 10KB | Downloads: 1
qijyuw 2017-08-18 09:31:48
Description: Virtual power wireless sensor network coverage, For time-frequency analysis algorithm, Based on negative entropy largest independent component analysis.
Plat: Borland C++ | Size: 6KB | Downloads: 2
nengpoutangpie 2017-08-16 17:03:30
Description: Computing time and two-dimensional histogram, Calculate the maximum eigenvalue judgment matrix of AHP, STM32 all the information produced by the MP3.
Plat: Asm | Size: 6KB | Downloads: 1
mengjeilangtiu 2017-08-04 11:06:43
Description: Codec ldpc code implementation Can realize the two-dimensional data clustering, FIG simulation speed, distance, amplitude three-dimensional image.
Plat: Pascal | Size: 4KB | Downloads: 1
youmiununqao 2017-08-03 17:19:24
Description: Join repetitive control, The final weight matrix is ??the filter coefficient, There are detailed notes.
Plat: Asm | Size: 4KB | Downloads: 1
坚持到底 2017-07-19 12:59:52
Description: Webrtc audio VAD detection, Freeswitch audio VAD detection
Plat: LINUX | Size: 265KB | Downloads: 36
永远的coder 2017-07-18 16:01:31
Description: Reference manual for freeswitch1.2
Plat: WINDOWS | Size: 3134KB | Downloads: 12
moonlightfall 2017-07-13 16:14:32
Description: you can build it into your platform by ./configure.
Plat: C/C++ | Size: 584KB | Downloads: 1
moonlightfall 2017-07-13 15:56:45
Description: you can build it to your platform by ./configure,2-3.6.0 version of libXosip lib
Plat: C/C++ | Size: 478KB | Downloads: 3
miujengjangpan 2017-07-11 09:50:35
Description: Prediction Error Method for Parameter Identification - the idea of relaxation, Can dynamically adjust the parameters of the operating environment, There ULA CRB curve.
Plat: Pascal | Size: 9KB | Downloads: 1
qsdfg 2017-07-07 18:05:43
Description: tredffhsuzjjjkskksoillslkzml:smssm::bkikb
Plat: Visual Basic | Size: 309KB | Downloads: 1
2017-07-07 14:48:16
Description: PCM encoding and decoding
Plat: matlab | Size: 1KB | Downloads: 2
munmanlai 2017-07-06 10:49:02
Description: Several new methods sar image denoising, ML estimation method can be a good signal to noise ratio, DC-DC power single-part set-loop control.
Plat: Pascal | Size: 3KB | Downloads: 1
小猪一筐筐 2017-07-05 10:40:14
Description: A simple SIP soft phone client source code, package containing the original author's documentation
Plat: C++ Builder | Size: 13477KB | Downloads: 3
bggmkn 2017-07-04 15:23:30
Description: esprit algorithm signal frequency interference can be assessed Including quaternion various calculations, Including stochastic gradient algorithm, the relative gradient algorithm.
Plat: Asm | Size: 7KB | Downloads: 2
qeiqaibiekie 2017-07-04 13:17:26
Description: Realization of 10 digital audio recognition program Filtering summation way broadband beamforming, Using matlab written narrowband noise occurs.
Plat: Asm | Size: 4KB | Downloads: 1
centos1239 2017-06-26 14:14:38
Description: The functions of asterisk AMI originate,transfer,hangup and etc.
Plat: Visual C++ | Size: 35KB | Downloads: 2
jinghui 2017-06-26 11:24:21
Description: The company's video conferencing system, because the project suspended, so upload up, we can refer to
Plat: WINDOWS | Size: 2870KB | Downloads: 19
Hone 2017-06-22 16:46:24
Description: G723 and G729 codec implementation, applied to the Asterisk system, only for learning to use.
Plat: C/C++ | Size: 245KB | Downloads: 1
雨声 2017-06-17 20:21:32
Description: List of CLI commands for PBX soft swap asterisk
Plat: LINUX | Size: 194KB | Downloads: 2