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java-version 2020-11-17 10:49:02
Description: General Portal Background Management System, the preparation of the page is not much, mostly can be general
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kevinliu11 2020-11-17 03:46:06
Description: neural network for machine learning
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李华lihua 2020-11-16 14:43:17
Description: Database import and export operation
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jiayouxueba 2020-11-16 10:45:56
Description: Java abstract class interface implementation examples, suitable for beginners to learn
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jiayouxueba 2020-11-16 10:44:33
Description: Java object-oriented programming is a good example for beginners to learn
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Description: Compress and decompress filse
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last2011 2020-11-16 04:27:09
Description: This is a sample class
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武大肉 2020-11-15 11:23:30
Description: It is used for user background management to display the user's detailed information. The background supports common functional modules such as multi topic switching, layout management, advertising management, configuration management, dictionary management, cutting map management, CMS content management, etc
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武大肉 2020-11-15 11:13:31
Description: Used to FTP upload images to the image server and rename the images
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武大肉 2020-11-15 11:05:05
Description: Websocket link is used for message transmission between multi-user, that is, chat room function
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羊淋滑 2020-11-15 09:37:51
Description: Using java object-oriented development to simulate MMN multi service window queue model in life
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羊淋滑 2020-11-15 09:35:59
Description: Simulation of MM1 queue model in real life based on Java object oriented development
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羊淋滑 2020-11-15 09:26:08
Description: The solution of derivative function and its combination of simple power function and simple sine cosine function
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羊淋滑 2020-11-15 09:20:25
Description: The simulation of dispatching elevator can be carried by multiple multithreads. A multi thread real-time multi elevator system is simulated. The request information and elevator instructions are input from the standard input. The program receives and processes the elevator operation, and outputs the necessary operation information through the output interface.
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MC_Hacker 2020-11-15 00:04:12
Description: Minecraft 1.8.9 forge source code, not the original minecraft source code
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MC_Hacker 2020-11-14 23:53:26
Description: You can modify the player data in minecraft 1.8.9 through this source code. You can download it if necessary :P
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gewuzhizhi 2020-11-14 21:01:12
Description: JDBC testing, including JDBC utils tool class, and the basic JDBC implementation key 6 steps, is helpful for the initial contact with JDBC.
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啊我去 2020-11-14 19:13:13
Description: A pet store front-end interface procedures, using Java, for reference
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1234dwc 2020-11-14 19:09:16
Description: The coffee management system has coffee types and other information, user purchase records, etc.
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1234dwc 2020-11-14 18:53:39
Description: The library management system realizes the management of books, newspapers and periodicals, and provides functions such as borrowing.
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1234dwc 2020-11-14 18:49:34
Description: Cloud factory management system
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jimmy han 2020-11-13 11:54:24
Description: this is java
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jimmy han 2020-11-13 11:52:50
Description: this is
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yet159 2020-11-12 20:13:47
Description: Using Dom4j in Java to parse XML document
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krislin_zhao 2020-11-12 17:45:49
Description: Implementation of a Selection Constructive Hyper- Heuristic using EvoHyp to solve the One-Dimensional Bin- Packing Problem
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酷jorn 2020-11-12 17:09:30
Description: java8 in action:The new features of java8 are explained through examples.
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荣耀ing 2020-11-12 16:48:47
Description: SSM system (including script database) .
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wangyq1991poi 2020-11-12 15:46:31
Description: "The art of Java Concurrent Programming" adopts a step-by-step explanation, starting from the underlying implementation mechanism of concurrent programming, and gradually introduces various important technologies, design patterns and applications in the design of Java Concurrent Programs. At the same time, with rich sample code, developers can quickly understand the essentials of Java Concurrent Programming and focus on the basic concurrent functions of Java platform It can quickly build large-scale concurrent applications.
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wangyq1991poi 2020-11-12 15:40:57
Description: Netty is a client / server framework that uses Java's advanced network capabilities to hide its complexity and provide an easy-to-use API.
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Fideria 2020-11-12 15:29:46
Description: kafka solution to assignment
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