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JiaoYq 2017-09-08 21:17:48
Description: MissraCMS is an open source and easy to use content management system built on the PHP and MySQL databases! In all kinds of application server platform is efficient and fast and easy to manage web solutions, including articles, downloads, pictures, video and user management functions, for the enterprise, portal, schools and other different groups and individuals' s needs!
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科比 2017-09-08 19:28:10
Description: Project instance based on springMVC+spring+mybatis framework
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刘卿 2017-09-08 18:05:50
Description: Java to achieve SIP chat communication
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雷晓菁 2017-09-08 17:30:18
Description: Student information management system
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宋玮伟 2017-09-08 16:44:03
Description: It uses a pulse of consumer law, Part of the license plate recognition locator feature, The Chinese have a comment, understand it.
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赵海 2017-09-08 16:42:07
Description: Code, there are very complete notes and explanations IDW inverse distance weighting method, It describes the application of load forecasting.
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王威 2017-09-08 14:55:14
Description: spring+SpringMVC+Spring Data JPA+Maven
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jimmy 2017-09-08 14:48:51
Description: Ionize, based on CodeIgniter, open source CMS, is a powerful content management system, CMS. User friendly, easy to use background management interface. Support multi language, based on the CodeIgniter framework development, a simple and powerful PHP development framework.
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王威 2017-09-08 14:47:49
Description: Java crawler based on springboot
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李俊材 2017-09-08 14:26:16
Description: Modbus, jamod Java serial communication protocol to achieve, do not understand the direct look at modbusutils
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范世伟 2017-09-08 13:20:30
Description: "Head First Java" is a complete object oriented (object-oriented, OO) programming and Java learning guide. The book is based on learning theory that allows you to start with the basics of learning programming languages, including threads, networks, and distributed programs. Most importantly, you'll learn how to think like an object-oriented developer.
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李军红 2017-09-08 11:43:18
Description: Algorithm optimization is very good, almost no circulation, Rapid expansion of random spanning tree algorithm, For feature reduction, feature fusion, correlation analysis.
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李峰运 2017-09-08 11:40:43
Description: EULER numerical analysis method, It has a wealth of parameter options, Use Chaos and fractal analysis routines.
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魏顺利 2017-09-08 11:37:47
Description: Complete set content, basic hyperspectral image processing, music higher order spectral analysis algorithm, Use matlab intelligent predictive control algorithm.
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魏顺利 2017-09-08 11:37:03
Description: Use Chaos and fractal analysis routines, It uses a pulse of consumer law, For feature extraction, signal de-noising.
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路飞 2017-09-08 11:13:44
Description: Based on the PHP development language, the content management system of the development and content development framework based on the ThinkPHP development framework, using MySQL as the main database, MVC mode, fully open source. Built on the authority control base of RBAC, it supports the deployment of the best WEb server Nginx/Apache in the Win/Linux system environment.
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明月 2017-09-08 11:11:17
Description: A complete content management system, which can be used to create a rich and scalable site, the user interface is simple and easy to use, the embedded management page allows users in the same window instantly browse the site page changes.
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刘灿 2017-09-08 11:01:50
Description: Distributed crawler, support a master and many slaves (using redis to save URL, please install your own redis, otherwise you can not run the crawler)
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A.I.基因 2017-09-08 10:56:32
Description: java daily android source code
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郭玮琦 2017-09-08 10:55:33
Description: java code - Read Excel file by Java
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张先生 2017-09-08 10:46:31
Description: A set of enterprise building system based on self-developed OEPHP framework system. OEcms adopts MVC development mode, which is light, flexible, easy to use and easy to develop two times. The new version of OEcms supports 7 models: the model, product model, database model, Download model, recruitment model, single page model and external model, support custom fields, support custom template files, support custom SEO model; the user can add, modify, delete in the background model, heart of the encounter to establish their own enterprise website.
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张先生 2017-09-08 10:43:40
Description: RQCMS is designed to be a pseudo dynamic, multi site content management system that has the following features: 1. pseudo dynamic Is a pseudo dynamic web application in another way. For example, the display list page is categroy.php, after the set, we take the list.php display the contents of the page in the browser. It can display more than 2. sites in other ways Using a website system allows you to build many stations. Many stations can be processed in batches or individually. Each station has its own set of settings, different templates
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李明 2017-09-08 10:31:59
Description: Shrimp embarrassed joke station source using ThinkPHP as the core framework. Shrimp embarrassed joke station source function module: 1, Member Center (post, post, paste, dynamic, my submission, station news, my gift (integral records, exchange records), personal data (data changes, head changes, password changes), attention) 2, front (laughing, landing, registration, password retrieval, third party landing binding), play the reward function 3, third parties (QQ landing, micro-blog landing) integration system (exchange, sign in, invite) 4, content function (text, pictures, dynamic GIF, video) advertising system, points mall 5, the background can be switched upload mode: local storage and seven cattle cloud storage 6, how long will the system automatically audit information to the front desk? 7, locomotive collection, storage, random associated users.
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李明 2017-09-08 10:30:58
Description: DayinCMS 3D model management system is based on PHP+MYSQL, is a 3D print model to share the common open source program. 1, according to the specific development, share 3D printing model needs support model upload, display model, model book and other functions, can also be used in the management of picture material. 2, multi-point cache, the program uses the database, templates, static and other cache, eliminating the static trouble generated, and access to the same static and fast. 3, simple template development, the program uses a unique template tag to separate the development of procedures and interfaces, the tag is simple and easy to use, allowing you to quickly develop the favorite interface. 4, safe and sound, providing robust security strategy, including backup and recovery, fault tolerance, prevent malicious attacks landing, web tamper resistant and a number of safety management, ensure the safety of the system, reliable, stable operation.
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何尊 2017-09-08 09:21:00
Description: Modern signal processing used in the spectral estimation in matlab, Car class-based truck driver trying to Matlab program, Various kalman filter design.
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郭峰 2017-09-08 07:25:20
Description: Commonly used JAVA code preparation, has passed the test and application, for beginners just contact Java has a good recommendation
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Detlef Merkur 2017-09-08 04:27:20
Description: extract wii iso from wbfs file format
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Detlef Merkur 2017-09-08 04:25:56
Description: Access midi and sf2 through java
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Detlef Merkur 2017-09-08 04:24:53
Description: Load cbh chessbase files
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Detlef Merkur 2017-09-08 04:23:45
Description: Convert Chessbase fileformat to pgn
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