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烟花易冷1210 2020-07-23 09:38:35
Description: It can modify, delete, query and add the contacts of personal address book
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SECURA 2020-07-23 05:04:17
Description: Java 13 Revealed : Explore the new Java programming language features and APIs introduced in : : Java 10 through Java 13. Java 13 Revealed is for experienced Java : : programmers looking to migrate to Java 13.
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关头强 2020-07-23 00:53:25
Description: Powerful excel import and export, containing test function, will be able to download.
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闫伟 2020-07-22 17:18:40
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cawway 2020-07-22 17:10:31
Description: Bionic cloud message IM, mainly used for graduation project design practice, if there is a similar, pure coincidence, download please for personal learning, business is not desirable.
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卑微咸鱼 2020-07-22 15:18:24
Description: Learn the two test classes written by Java CV, and get pictures and show them through Java cv
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ajaiufau 2020-07-22 15:13:26
Description: The mouse slides, the mouse follows, the flame erupts, and the mouse moves and disappears, and the eruption screen appears
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Julia_qweuqwi 2020-07-21 18:14:53
Description: The definitive ANTLR 4 reference
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blueslee 2020-07-21 13:38:20
Description: TCP socket multithreading concurrent server (sending) and client (receiving) function: the server is realized through multithreading on Ubuntu and sends files to the client, carrying the header, and naming the new file according to the packet header information
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欧阳先生1985 2020-07-21 10:20:58
Description: Based on the construction of Huawei micro service, the real development example includes gateway, website access and contract service. The registration center needs to download it from the official website
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艹化 2020-07-21 10:20:54
Description: Simulate the logic of traffic light management system at crossroads 1. Randomly generate vehicles running along each route (vehicle data can be generated randomly each time, or randomly generated, saved to the file, and loaded into the program from the file in the next run). 2. The signal light ignores the yellow light and only considers the red light and green light. 3. It should be considered that left turning vehicles are controlled by signal lights, while right turning vehicles are not. 4. The specific control logic of traffic lights is the same as that of ordinary traffic lights in real life, without considering the control logic under special circumstances Vehicles from north to South are released alternately with vehicles from east to west. Vehicles waiting in the same direction should be released first and then left turning vehicles.
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内涵 2020-07-20 19:23:18
Description: headfirstscript Code Examples
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DDDAAADFD 2020-07-20 19:15:34
Description: Modify the JDK version that Tomcat uses by default, including windows platform and Linux platform
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misty-liang 2020-07-20 17:02:51
Description: read IC card msg and write ic card msg
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ruslan12 2020-07-20 15:55:42
Description: Let's learn a springboot demo together
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onekay70 2020-07-20 11:14:28
Description: Stress Test Application for RFID in Malaysia. Can support YDT Reader, MHI Reader and 3M Reader. Also can be use to register a whole lot tag inside database automatically.
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小王菜鸟 2020-07-19 16:56:15
Description: java dm8 jdbc data source
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godloveevil 2020-07-19 12:36:34
Description: LAN-based voice intercom
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jksept1997 2020-07-19 11:22:23
Description: Java, Newbie, Segitiga Bintang
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张吱吱 2020-07-19 10:27:57
Description: Java development of the final homework, student information management system, using three-tier MVC architecture and MySQL database
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风儿清222 2020-07-19 04:17:13
Description: CrazyAlpha-master source code
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大公子 2020-07-19 01:21:59
Description: Java programming language design and data structure 10th Edition
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王子哦 2020-07-18 21:28:18
Description: JSP Introduction JSP (JavaServer Pages) is a Java-based scripting technology. Is advocated by Sun Microsystems Inc., together with a number of companies involved in the establ
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嘿嘿到底 2020-07-18 10:33:58
Description: Educational administration system, covering the school network application, facilitates the daily work of teachers and students, and meets the daily needs of the schoo
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julian_cjang 2020-07-17 20:52:18
Description: Jsch is a pure java implementation of SSH2. It allows you to connect to an sshd server, use port forwarding, X11 forwarding, file transfer, etc. You can integrate its functions into your own programs. At the same time, the project also provides a J2ME version to connect directly to the sshd server on the mobile phone
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15sdz 2020-07-17 18:41:42
Description: Queuing at bank window
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遇见hjdhdi 2020-07-17 13:25:11
Description: Using idea to build the integration of spring boot and mybatis plus to connect mysql
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小菜上学 2020-07-17 09:07:39
Description: Jar package of MySQL
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杨帆一 2020-07-16 19:35:20
Description: SpringBoot import and export excel file,database server is mysql,and use redis cache,due to learner
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zz23 2020-07-16 15:29:56
Description: Please wait a few minutes to an hour after the upload is completed, and wait for the auditor to review
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