JY112 2020-04-22 15:01:56
Description: TV virtual reality code to achieve the TV open shape simulation
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fffccc 2020-04-21 18:55:26
Description: Fourier transform the image to find out the amplitude spectrum; then change the image to find out the primary amplitude spectrum, and put the resulting images together Making two-dimensional and three-dimensional images of Gaussian function with MATLAB
Plat: matlab | Size: 1KB | Downloads: 1
lxxzs 2020-04-21 15:13:22
Description: Using EasyX to realize drag animation line. General drawing line is to use the mouse to point out two points and then draw the line directly. But my program can realize the function of drawing straight line. Press and hold the left mouse button to drag the line.
Plat: C/C++ | Size: 1342KB | Downloads: 0
sxl007 2020-04-21 14:52:54
Description: Using pyramid amplification to fuse the image of multiple focus can obtain the image of multiple focus, which can be used after testing
Plat: matlab | Size: 22KB | Downloads: 0
李伟lw123 2020-04-21 14:32:59
Description: Moving target detection by three frame difference
Plat: Visual C++ | Size: 10501KB | Downloads: 4
m-c 2020-04-21 12:16:54
Description: Some related experiments of frequency-domain filter and Realization of filter (including ideal low-pass, Butterworth low-pass, Gauss low-pass, ideal high pass, Butterworth high pass, Gauss high pass filter)
Plat: matlab | Size: 4666KB | Downloads: 2
JK996 2020-04-21 11:33:59
Description: Each vertex of the Tyson polygon is the center of the circumscribed circle of each triangle. Tyson polygons are also called Voronoi diagrams, or dirichlet diagrams.
Plat: matlab | Size: 1KB | Downloads: 2
just11 2020-04-21 09:30:59
Description: There are three algorithms for scrambling the selected image, which can be compared to see the effect
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iMelo7u7 2020-04-21 08:53:49
Description: Shader minecraft java 2
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沈么 2020-04-20 23:25:26
Description: Video editingAnd so on about digital image processing text
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zhaohongf16f35 2020-04-20 21:59:38
Description: Computer graphics (CG) is a kind of science that uses mathematical algorithm to transform two-dimensional or three-dimensional graphics into grid form of computer display. In short, the main research content of computer graphics is to study how to represent graphics in the computer, as well as the relevant principles and algorithms for the calculation, processing and display of graphics by using the computer.
Plat: Visual C++ | Size: 110KB | Downloads: 22
prpr1 2020-04-20 14:40:07
Description: Use up, down, left and right keys to control the movement of the villain and realize the frame by frame animation of the villain
Plat: HTML | Size: 21KB | Downloads: 0
斯卡迪好 2020-04-20 11:04:27
Description: An example of IEEE SSR standard PSCAD
Plat: Fortran | Size: 4KB | Downloads: 1
瓜小皮 2020-04-19 12:01:09
Description: Star Rotation 1) Multiple stars rotate around a center 2) The colors of stars are different 3) Stars rotate and spread out in spiral path. 4) Choose a spiral type in a) Archimedes spiral, b) logarithmic spiral and 3) Fermat spiral.
Plat: C/C++ | Size: 10381KB | Downloads: 0
宇壹 2020-04-18 19:19:21
Description: Super cool VC + + screen drawing (electronic brush) program
Plat: Visual C++ | Size: 3248KB | Downloads: 0
WWWDDDN 2020-04-17 10:38:05
Description: Three-dimensional discrete wavelet transform for image processing, video signal processing
Plat: matlab | Size: 3382KB | Downloads: 2
蛙蛙吃香菜 2020-04-16 10:54:21
Description: A canny filter algorithm and its comparison with Matlab's own function
Plat: matlab | Size: 1KB | Downloads: 0
子灬非人 2020-04-15 16:40:49
Description: Convert images to monochrome and pseudocolor images, including blue, green, red or metallic, pseudocolor
Plat: matlab | Size: 85KB | Downloads: 0
NUONUO FANG 2020-04-15 14:27:56
Description: Dimension reduction in color space considering neighborhood differences
Plat: C/C++ | Size: 6042KB | Downloads: 0
Dolores9942 2020-04-14 17:56:50
Description: U-net: convolution network for biomedical image segmentation A network and training strategy is proposed, which relies on the powerful use of data enhancement to use available annotated samples more effectively. The architecture includes a contraction path for capturing context and a symmetric extension path for precise positioning.
Plat: Python | Size: 670KB | Downloads: 0
可怜321 2020-04-14 08:37:36
Description: Image fusion based on HSI
Plat: matlab | Size: 18852KB | Downloads: 0
dmujack1993 2020-04-13 22:08:15
Description: Image recognition, drawing the pedestrian track on the road map, has a variety of display methods.
Plat: matlab | Size: 6150KB | Downloads: 0
天不生元钦知 2020-04-12 13:10:21
Description: Realize image enhancement in spatial and frequency domain, with gray-scale transformation enhancement, histogram transformation enhancement, smooth filtering, median filtering, etc
Plat: C# | Size: 224KB | Downloads: 1
月渐星河 2020-04-12 11:41:02
Description: The simulation of radar matched filter / pulse compression, and the output sidelobe with window control is considered;
Plat: matlab | Size: 7KB | Downloads: 0
thylee· 2020-04-11 17:30:38
Description: Several basic image classification algorithms
Plat: Python | Size: 12310KB | Downloads: 0
ljy182181 2020-04-10 22:08:15
Description: Matlab contour extraction, help novice understand the basic steps and content, quickly familiar with and understand the matlab programming operations
Plat: matlab | Size: 2KB | Downloads: 0
SIIYIIX 2020-04-09 18:59:02
Description: Take the center image as the template, map the other eight images to the template, and paste them to the corresponding position to complete the splicing
Plat: Python | Size: 3KB | Downloads: 0
killa00 2020-04-09 15:57:24
Description: It can be used in SPM toolbox under Matlab software to present EEG, fMRI and other brain image data results, and locate multiple activated brain regions.
Plat: matlab | Size: 713KB | Downloads: 0
榨汁机朱子俊 2020-04-09 14:43:20
Description: Commented sift functions are Shared
Plat: matlab | Size: 1849KB | Downloads: 1
AFlyBird 2020-04-08 21:45:20
Description: The watershed algorithm is an image region segmentation method. In the segmentation process, it will use the similarity with neighboring pixels as an important reference basis, so as to connect pixels that are close in space and have similar gray values to each other. Forming a closed contour, closedness is an important feature of the watershed algorithm. This example applies to 2D and 3D images, calculates the watershed transformation and displays the resulting label matrix as an RGB image.
Plat: matlab | Size: 1KB | Downloads: 2