wgtejvall 2017-08-12 21:10:59
Description: Learning Matlab simulation tools, and has a rich example for your reference
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ZXRC!3574 2017-08-12 21:03:33
Description: Learning matlab friends, this is a program calculation system of linear equations, a slight improvement
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ZXRC!3574 2017-08-12 20:59:24
Description: How to make use of genetic algorithm toolbox function to solve the practical optimization problems of MATLAB programming
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orrkm 2017-08-12 20:32:45
Description: A variety of digital watermarking algorithm for digital watermarking of matlab routines, good is very good
Plat: Others | Size: 413KB | Downloads: 0
orrkm 2017-08-12 20:30:59
Description: Wavelet image compression processing, the beginning of the program, ha ha, need to continue to write to publish comprehensive
Plat: Visual C++ | Size: 2KB | Downloads: 0
Jackngvv 2017-08-12 20:23:37
Description: The rotation of the object, the position of user-defined input various points, and can be modified their movement speed
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Quinaion 2017-08-12 20:21:13
Description: Wavelet analysis toolbox, please share and give the feedback, thank you for your good
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Quinaion 2017-08-12 20:20:03
Description: Multiple linear regression: MATLAB source multiple linear regression
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prehoption 2017-08-12 19:52:11
Description: Aided design based on MATLAB Briefly describes the importance of matrix analysis
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啊涛 2017-08-12 19:43:23
Description: Read the image of a simple processing, to complete the initial processing of images
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Ulwihda 2017-08-12 19:28:20
Description: The immune algorithm based on immune network model source program, MATLAB programming, is only for your reference
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nnqen 2017-08-12 19:24:45
Description: Based on the chaotic time series multi-step prediction filter author: Liu Zhenbo, naval engineering university
Plat: matlab | Size: 9KB | Downloads: 0
MTFCwvd$4023 2017-08-12 19:08:40
Description: The speech recognition system based on MATLAB program, including the HMM, DTW, Record three MATLAB M file,
Plat: Visual C++ | Size: 527KB | Downloads: 1
MTFCwvd$4023 2017-08-12 19:07:02
Description: Sinusoidal waveform display simulation based on matlab source to recommend to you
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vpecimy 2017-08-12 19:04:24
Description: The chaotic time series based on the matlab source code, more valuable, is very good
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JMaecl_355988 2017-08-12 18:33:31
Description: Closed loop dc speed control based on matlabsimulink good good
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Nicmce 2017-08-12 18:08:27
Description: Isolated word recognition system based on DTW algorithm and Matlab programming to realize voice signal endpoint detection
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iiyinary 2017-08-12 17:19:54
Description: Uniform law PCM quantization and u good non-uniform quantitative analysis of the contrast experiment
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刘文杰 2017-08-12 16:55:11
Description: Based on human action control intelligent housekeeper system STM32F103 code, identify whether the body open arms, if open arms, lit led.
Plat: MDK | Size: 4211KB | Downloads: 0
WTQC$945 2017-08-12 16:09:21
Description: In the process of insect image processing for food, Matlab image processing toolbox functions are introduced
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Woanrow 2017-08-12 14:39:58
Description: In MATLAB watermark generated with the base sequence such as embedded to the image of good source is very good
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nvso_3907 2017-08-12 12:19:27
Description: Image modeling Markov random field, I hope it can help you, ha ha, good
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Alsrey 2017-08-12 11:41:30
Description: Image median filtering, the use of median filtering and low pass filtering comparison, analysis of PSNR, it is concluded that the performance difference
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DFPY$281 2017-08-12 11:25:25
Description: Fixed incremental method interface Recommend using error sum of squares function clusters
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functionaw 2017-08-12 11:19:02
Description: Quaternion implementation of three-dimensional space form of expression, is simple in expressions, high computing precision
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aafos 2017-08-12 11:13:28
Description: Is also the source code by matlab implementation of support vector machine (SVM)
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znieh$14307 2017-08-11 23:42:10
Description: Convolutional blind source separation, the use of matlab programming, with documentation, good good
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WHSlrivp!8338 2017-08-11 22:54:14
Description: Including the turbo code decoding programming, including sova decoding algorithm and Max - log - map algorithm
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khgess 2017-08-11 21:37:58
Description: Using MATLAB AWGN channel in OFDM system source code
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BJKilhwt$3508 2017-08-11 20:32:51
Description: Several array signal processing source program, consult for everybody to study, work well the source of good
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