Glaolius 2018-08-07 23:28:39
Description: C Primer Plus 6th edition
Plat: Others | Size: 16370KB | Downloads: 1
牛牛_牛牛 2018-08-07 17:39:58
Description: Linux operation instructions and corresponding configuration examples, parameters
Plat: HTML | Size: 401KB | Downloads: 1
tyij520 2018-08-07 15:30:13
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Description: "C# entry classic Fifth Edition", very classic C# entry books. This book is the fifth edition.
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打不死的小强17 2018-08-06 14:16:56
Description: Learning Boost C++ Libraries
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SHAN22 2018-08-05 19:42:20
Description: massive MIMO Channel model
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SHAN22 2018-08-05 19:39:21
Description: Precoding for massive MIMO
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幺幺零 2018-08-05 19:13:11
Description: By reading this document, you can understand the learning pid in a complete and orderly way.
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沐仙 2018-08-05 09:02:00
Description: Design experience of switching power supply written by Robert Kollman, the world's senior switching power design expert
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湛蓝晨星 2018-08-04 10:17:38
Description: this is a good book to start your C/C++
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敬爱的低调 2018-08-03 18:41:42
Description: The most basic C language, so that the buzzer sounds, using the universal technology development board.
Plat: C-C++ | Size: 1435KB | Downloads: 0
敬爱的低调 2018-08-03 18:40:45
Description: The most basic C language to write, so that the first LED flashing in the same order as the pipeline lamp, the writing method is simple, easy to read.
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Description: The most basic C language makes the first LED light flicker, and the writing method is simple and easy to read.
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Description: The most basic C language, lighting the first LED lights, the preparation method is simple, easy to read.
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敬爱的低调 2018-08-03 18:37:12
Description: The most basic C language is suitable for people who have just started learning C language.
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yalingyang 2018-08-02 22:27:22
Description: Python scientific computing and data analysis course electronic edition is a good material for data analysis.
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taylorwan1984 2018-08-01 15:19:10
Description: The function library query manual for C++ and C languages. It is convenient to query the functions of each function.
Plat: C-C++ | Size: 540KB | Downloads: 2
Weasley 2018-07-31 22:27:55
Description: he 7th edition of the concept of operating system The sixth version of the operating system concept after-school answer exercises
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JackieCQU 2018-07-31 13:18:33
Description: C++ Primer Chinese, non-scanned version
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JackieCQU 2018-07-31 13:13:57
Description: Communication Principles of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Plat: matlab | Size: 235KB | Downloads: 1
gbengaodesanmi 2018-07-30 15:23:22
Description: Reading Material for some of my project work
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阿荣阿荣 2018-07-30 13:05:41
Description: BCB,C++ Builder,C++,BCB,C++ Builder,C++
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ShawnCui 2018-07-27 14:50:27
Description: The fourth edition is fully updated for Spring 4. The book is divided into 4 parts. Part 1 Introduction The core knowledge of the Spring framework. Part 2 introduces how to use Spring to build on this basis. Build a web application. Part 3 bid farewell to the front end, describes how to backend in the app Use Spring. Part 4 describes how to use Spring with other applications and services. integrated. This book is intended for readers who already have a basic Java programming foundation, as well as under the Java platform. Developers and testers of various software developments, especially for enterprise Java developers member. This book can be used as a study guide by readers who are just starting to learn Spring. For those who want to learn more about some aspects of Spring's features as a reference book.
Plat: Java | Size: 6900KB | Downloads: 1
junhe 2018-07-26 11:17:50
Description: Deep anatomy of C language
Plat: C-C++ | Size: 730KB | Downloads: 7