CSIT 2018-01-12 16:16:05
Description: The fourth chapter MATLAB source code for LTE, MATLAB modeling, simulation and Implementation
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sy0517 2018-01-12 15:54:02
Description: The two development of the Comet DELPHI interface and the two development
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雨落清秋 2018-01-12 14:29:19
Description: WiFi communication to realize a simple host computer to control single chip microcomputer
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kaustubhr.singh 2018-01-12 14:20:05
Description: contain 3gpp specifiaction about lte
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szk%2B588 2018-01-12 13:43:23
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appletime81 2018-01-12 12:17:42
Description: Inter modulation (SM), as a novel multi antenna transmission scheme, creates a mapping relationship between input bits and transmit antenna ordinal numbers, which is used to carry certain transmission information. However, the scheme maps the sending bits to a uniform distribution signal constellation through a single layer modulation mode, which greatly limits the performance of the system. Hierarchical map coding (SCM) technology is applied to constellation point mapping, which satisfies different quality of service (QoS) requirements of different data services on the same transmission slot, and effectively improves system performance. Based on the principle of SCM, a low complexity detection algorithm is proposed. The simulation results show that the detection performance of the new algorithm is approximate to the maximum likelihood (ML), and the complexity of the receiver increases linearly with the modulation order.
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Tabwnx 2018-01-12 10:27:24
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hzl88 2018-01-12 08:21:55
Description: In VC++6.0, we use the communication control -MSComm serial communication control. The selected development environment is Visual C++6.0, where the communication function is completed by the MSComm communication control.
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computinm 2018-01-12 07:50:44
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Bxstbice 2018-01-12 07:17:44
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苍灵一歌 2018-01-11 23:09:38
Description: Used for detecting the rectangle of a digital dial, identifying and dividing the rectangle for cutting
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钟灵毓秀 2018-01-11 20:46:47
Description: This part is a control program that sends the display control signal of the single chip computer to the LCD.
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钟灵毓秀 2018-01-11 20:44:58
Description: This part is a AD conversion program for the results calculated by a single chip microcomputer
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钟灵毓秀 2018-01-11 20:39:36
Description: This part is the key control program of the digital control step-down converter, which is used to control the two keys.
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钟灵毓秀 2018-01-11 20:37:35
Description: This part is a single chip microcomputer control program for the step-down converter
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仰望星空11 2018-01-11 15:04:46
Description: After the serial port communication is successful, the real time monitoring area will show the real temperature and humidity value, the illumination value, the warp and the latitude and the temperature and humidity curves. The coordinate range can be manually entered, and the default values can be used. 1. temperature and humidity uploading data command AA BB 0F 00 F4 01 D0 076253 1E 14 3B 0062
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wrsdfsfsadf 2018-01-11 14:18:14
Description: Instead of using any plug-in, you can communicate directly with SIEMENS 12001500 300PLC for TCP
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xinzc 2018-01-11 10:14:54
Description: The OFDM system includes modulation and demodulation of the OFDM system, IFFT and FFT transformation, the improvement of the protection interval to the system performance, and the influence of multipath interference and high-speed mobile on the system BER.
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SDKIM2775 2018-01-11 09:42:29
Description: Holtek IIC with C for BS82C16A-3
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彭菜菜 2018-01-11 09:03:06
Description: The c++/c language source program for the AWGN channel, used for the VS2010 platform
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秋水共长天 2018-01-10 20:54:26
Description: libcurl.C++.download link
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娟丽wxs 2018-01-10 20:32:49
Description: The first chapter of communication system modeling and simulation. It is mainly a simulation analysis of simple signals
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曲率 2018-01-10 19:50:56
Description: Microprocessor-based assembly program of various kinds of experiment, including simple I/O port expansion, 8255A programmable parallel port experiment, stepper motor, small DC motor and so on
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infq%214900 2018-01-09 21:01:06
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Foravsv 2018-01-09 18:22:55
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mSAMxej 2018-01-09 18:12:06
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bbq_songxiaoqi 2018-01-09 17:20:00
Description: Simulation of receiver and transmitter
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寒枫冷宫 2018-01-09 17:05:06
Description: Delta PLC and Labuview Modbus function library
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Adolqh 2018-01-09 16:00:07
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