615924868 2019-11-29 09:53:19
Description: Call notebook camera to take photos
Plat: Python | Size: 1532KB | Downloads: 0
不二345 2019-11-28 21:36:42
Description: Matlab program for moving object detection:
Plat: matlab | Size: 15KB | Downloads: 2
风筝3号 2019-11-28 19:36:51
Description: A function of double integrals by matlab
Plat: matlab | Size: 176KB | Downloads: 1
小邋遢呀 2019-11-28 16:05:27
Description: It is very helpful for discriminant analysis
Plat: matlab | Size: 564KB | Downloads: 0
shallowstranger 2019-11-27 17:06:48
Description: Student achievement management system, to achieve information entry, deletion, modification and statistical information, etc
Plat: C/C++ | Size: 222KB | Downloads: 2
中中中中中 2019-11-27 15:56:42
Description: The file is landmark ismap code in drtoolbox.
Plat: matlab | Size: 1KB | Downloads: 1
风儿吹吹 2019-11-27 15:37:36
Description: VC + + development technology - source code, suitable for learning programming research.
Plat: C/C++ | Size: 32189KB | Downloads: 0
ryh_tyw 2019-11-27 14:13:26
Description: Optimal design of LQR controller based on genetic algorithm. The model is built in the simlink platform and the source program is given.
Plat: matlab | Size: 90KB | Downloads: 2
ryh_tyw 2019-11-27 14:11:09
Description: Function optimization algorithm based on genetic algorithm and nonlinear programming, using nonlinear programming for function optimization
Plat: matlab | Size: 29KB | Downloads: 0
义叶草 2019-11-27 11:21:43
Description: It is used for debugging the local website, and does not need to go to IIS to build the website. It can only be used for local calling, so it is useful for developers
Plat: C# | Size: 633KB | Downloads: 0
雏形之箭 2019-11-26 15:27:38
Description: The third edition of Python basic course includes all aspects of Python Programming: first, from the installation of python, it introduces the basic knowledge and concepts of python, including lists, tuples, strings, dictionaries and various statements; then it introduces some relatively high-level topics, including abstractions, exceptions, magic methods, properties, iterators step by step; After that, it discusses how to combine python with database, network, C language and other tools, so as to give full play to Python's powerful functions. At the same time, it introduces Python program testing, packaging, publishing and other knowledge. Combined with the contents mentioned above, the author introduces the development process of 10 Python projects with practical significance to the readers according to the steps of actual project development.
Plat: Python | Size: 9344KB | Downloads: 0
樗里子丶 2019-11-26 09:27:06
Description: 3DES encryption algorithm for encryption and decryption
Plat: Java | Size: 1KB | Downloads: 0
蜗牛快快爬 2019-11-25 20:40:44
Description: Denoising by wavelet threshold transform
Plat: matlab | Size: 1317KB | Downloads: 17
sjtuyyp 2019-11-25 12:52:36
Description: for input of interstitial heat transfer coefficient in metal foam porous media
Plat: C/C++ | Size: 1KB | Downloads: 2
ding19 2019-11-25 09:08:56
Description: Show current time programming with strom app
Plat: Strom | Size: 1KB | Downloads: 0
TSUIRONGU 2019-11-25 02:01:21
Description: You can easily get any film reviewers from IMDB
Plat: Python | Size: 3KB | Downloads: 0
额十四 2019-11-24 23:08:41
Description: The program of temperature measurement system based on 51 single chip microcomputer can simulate the operation of water heater
Plat: C/C++ | Size: 60KB | Downloads: 1
云端空雨 2019-11-24 20:22:57
Description: Calculated curvature
Plat: matlab | Size: 1KB | Downloads: 0
全文阅读 2019-11-24 11:07:35
Description: Free software for HbuilderX.
Plat: Java | Size: 17340KB | Downloads: 0
0519xxx 2019-11-24 08:41:39
Description: Graduation project based on Java language, about commodity supply chain...
Plat: Java | Size: 1969KB | Downloads: 0
你5 2019-11-22 22:34:32
Description: Remove space in file name in batch
Plat: matlab | Size: 1KB | Downloads: 0
myz2276 2019-11-22 20:55:33
Description: he TFTP program implemented by VC6 contains the source code of server and client, which is powerful and suitable for beginners to learn
Plat: Visual C++ | Size: 228KB | Downloads: 0
myz2276 2019-11-22 20:54:14
Description: he TFTP program implemented by VC6 contains the source code of server and client, which is powerful and suitable for beginners to learn
Plat: Visual C++ | Size: 229KB | Downloads: 2
myz2276 2019-11-22 20:50:58
Description: The version used is goahead-2.1.8. Well, this version is really old. The official support for this version has ended. At present, the latest version of the official website is 4.0.1. You can go to download - download link, but the code volume of version 2.1.8 is less, it's easier to clarify the code structure, and it's more suitable for beginners
Plat: C/C++ | Size: 379KB | Downloads: 1
myz2276 2019-11-22 20:48:55
Description: Goahead webserver is an embedded webserver with powerful functions and can run on multiple platforms. As for its features, we will not talk about it. In this paper, we take building a simple dynamic web page on Ubuntu system as an example to illustrate the general steps of web development using Goahead. As for the transplantation of Goahead webserver on other platforms, we will introduce it in detail in the following articles
Plat: C/C++ | Size: 4916KB | Downloads: 0
还在想。。。 2019-11-22 09:40:02
Description: This project relates some questions on computation of overall equipment efficiency ( OEE) in enterprises, and puts forward the viewpoint on correction of OEE in view of the characteristic of modern production.
Plat: C# | Size: 22KB | Downloads: 0
boscook 2019-11-21 23:53:56
Description: Play Bad Apple in the form of character drawing
Plat: Python | Size: 1214KB | Downloads: 0
monuc 2019-11-21 15:05:38
Description: IDS System Security for Basics
Plat: WINDOWS | Size: 14KB | Downloads: 0
blaith 2019-11-21 13:54:16
Description: the implementation of rtd protocol
Plat: C/C++ | Size: 5133KB | Downloads: 0
blaith 2019-11-21 13:50:12
Description: the implementation of gbl protocol
Plat: C/C++ | Size: 531KB | Downloads: 0