daa20 2018-10-07 11:37:46
Description: LibreSSL is a branch of the OpenSSL encryption software library, which is an open source implementation of a secure socket layer (SSL) and transport layer security (TLS) protocol. After OpenSSL exploded a heart-bleeding vulnerability, some OpenBSD developers created LibreSSL in April 2014, with the goal of refactoring OpenSSL code to provide a safer alternative. LibreSSL replicates from the 1.0.1g branch of the OpenSSL library, which follows the security guidelines used by other OpenBSD projects.
Plat: C-C++ | Size: 3285KB | Downloads: 1
daa20 2018-10-07 11:35:56
Description: The interface of third party libraries for large and medium scale project development and configuration analysis.
Plat: C-C++ | Size: 147KB | Downloads: 1
daa20 2018-10-07 11:33:52
Description: Timing task management software under Linux system
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3n1nj@wimsg.com 2018-10-07 05:52:17
Description: linuxl inux li nux lin uxli nu , xlin uxlinuxlinux
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luongthaohieu 2018-10-06 12:18:36
Description: sadad ef sgr gera ghreh
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东方之狗 2018-10-06 07:53:08
Description: glusterfs file system source code
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菜鸟郭 2018-10-06 01:09:15
Description: net-Programing select Programing C Programing
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梁山老色鬼 2018-10-05 17:21:04
Description: a real rtsp push demo, co-work with easydarwin, packaged tools resource .
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Jeow 2018-10-05 12:13:09
Description: A python script. A gif is in tnkiter
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96246411 2018-10-03 11:43:08
Description: Music player, to achieve local music search, up and down tune switch, play mode switch, volume adjustment, schedule adjustment and other functions
Plat: QT | Size: 1544KB | Downloads: 2
秘密是什么 2018-10-03 00:24:14
Description: youxidaimabianyishiyong
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zhaoqunxing 2018-10-01 23:13:43
Description: zlog by zhaoqunxing on 20181001
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不闻虢 2018-10-01 15:05:21
Description: The physical layer code under openair1 in OAI is derived from openairinterface, which can build the entire communication platform.
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abc——linux 2018-09-30 21:48:41
Description: the pcre regular library source code, the linux under very commonly used class libraries compiled with vc can be used under the windows.)
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无痕V5 2018-09-30 17:11:43
Description: Read the NC file generated by WRF simulation
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Naveed Akhtar 2018-09-29 22:10:46
Description: Python Modem Communication, SMS and call hangelling
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广泛12 2018-09-29 16:14:36
Description: IP is an international code used to identify the level of protection IP grade consists of two numbers, the first number represents dust; the second number represents waterproof, the greater the number indicates that the better its protection level.
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广泛12 2018-09-29 16:12:30
Description: What is makefile? Maybe a lot of Windows programmers don't know about this because Windows IDEs do it for you, but I think makefiles still have to understand to be a good and professional programmer. It's like there are so many HTML editors out there, but if you want to be a professional, you still have to understand the meaning of HTML logos. Especially in the Unix software compilation, you can not write your own makefile, you can not write makefile, from a side of whether a person has the ability to complete large-scale projects.
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venson 2018-09-29 15:47:49
Description: linux0.11 source code
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atgc 2018-09-29 13:21:46
Description: gif movie with python on linux !
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Fockey 2018-09-29 11:36:30
Description: AR0237 image sensor driver for HISI 3518/3516
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demu 2018-09-28 22:18:52
Description: UNIX environment advanced programming electronic version-the second edition of Chinese, system introduction UNIX, contains a large number of C-based source code.
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阿尔丶托莉亚 2018-09-28 21:58:13
Description: t can send data to the host computer and send it by setting up a register.
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msqin 2018-09-28 17:56:11
Description: Linux commonly used operation commands, beginners can use, there are file operations, user creation, modification; virtual machine disk sharing settings.
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LNLL_78960 2018-09-28 15:22:24
Description: The simulation program of LDPC decoding with Log-BP algorithm is used to give the statistical diagrams of bit error rate and packet error rate under different signal-to-noise ratio. Matlab and Cc-mex procedure are used.
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Mojel 2018-09-28 14:46:18
Description: The program simulates the whole flow of OFDM system, and the annotation is detailed, which is suitable for beginners to use.
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cerror 2018-09-28 14:37:01
Description: The JN514x and JN5139 devices have a ROM-based boot loader, while the JN517x and JN516x boot loader is stored in internal Flash memory. The boot loader is executed by the CPU following a reset or on waking from sleep or deep sleep mode, when power is applied.
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symrolic 2018-09-28 13:58:10
Description: This is the UWB OFDM l-projective end-module M simulation program
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Jimtaq 2018-09-28 13:01:05
Description: This program realizes the MATLAB simulation of digital communication BPSK,QPSK,16QAM
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dusqatch 2018-09-28 12:52:17
Description: In this paper, the wireless mobile communication channel estimation algorithm research has a deep understanding, and realized the MATLAB simulation!
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