Cjzvin 2018-09-05 22:13:13
Description: Given a fraction A D as the denominator, the fraction is resolved into the simplest form, such as 130 [3], into a cyclic decimal form, and the cyclic node is extracted by [].
Plat: C/C++ | Size: 3KB | Downloads: 0
szmh%2114690 2018-09-05 21:51:45
Description: Application of classical algorithm: an example of finding minimum function by genetic algorithm
Plat: MultiPlatform | Size: 2KB | Downloads: 0
multfplexinv 2018-09-05 21:40:22
Description: The classical partition clustering algorithm Kmeans, package can be used, and provides data, has been tested under linux and windows.
Plat: Others | Size: 13KB | Downloads: 1
arjumaur 2018-09-05 20:56:53
Description: Similar to the Matrix Matrix effect in the Matrix, see, with the source code
Plat: C/C++ | Size: 71KB | Downloads: 0
REJVhma%2B2247 2018-09-05 20:44:22
Description: The algorithm is simple and practical but shows good robustness and fault tolerance.
Plat: MultiPlatform | Size: 3KB | Downloads: 0
yinfred 2018-09-05 20:04:50
Description: In this chapter, the research status of ant colony algorithm in continuous space optimization is summarized, and it is hoped that it can play a certain role in the relevant research.
Plat: C/C++ | Size: 197KB | Downloads: 0
apagand 2018-09-05 19:44:07
Description: The K-means clustering algorithm II: 1 KMIn in neural network is the input data text, where the first parameter is the number of the cluster points, the second parameter is the dimension of the clustering points, and the third parameter is the number of the clustering points.
Plat: C++ | Size: 36KB | Downloads: 0
ksaac 2018-09-05 19:15:40
Description: Matrix operations: the mathematical operation of a matrix, the extraction of eigenvalue eigenvector of a matrix
Plat: C++ | Size: 8KB | Downloads: 3
tbtexoz 2018-09-05 18:32:16
Description: Matrix QR decomposition of digital analysis of the more difficult procedures, it is worth a look
Plat: MultiPlatform | Size: 17KB | Downloads: 1
systrm 2018-09-05 18:29:24
Description: This is a c program about the Have-Marching algorithm. If you're interested, please download
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jiqide 2018-09-05 18:17:25
Description: Directly run the whole search method to the teacher, calculate the forward backward and bidirectional prediction.
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Evwiej 2018-09-05 18:07:53
Description: Power system Yakubi determinant calculation, Newton-Raphson power flow calculation c source code
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SU_457 2018-09-05 17:57:48
Description: The matrix algorithm written by C + can be executed directly!
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SU_457 2018-09-05 17:56:28
Description: The main idea of Fast sorting with Non-Recursion: eliminating Recursion by Stack
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rewistmrs 2018-09-05 17:53:15
Description: Using genetic algorithm to solve FT, LA source program, it has great reference value.
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vqrdabzf 2018-09-05 17:34:47
Description: The layer number of the tree is used to generate a tree, which is then used to test the recursive and non-recursive algorithms that traverse the preorder, respectively.
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relationkddatabasr 2018-09-05 17:22:44
Description: The improved Euler method is used to solve the initial value problem, in which the first order differential equation is not y f (XY)
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QUMClikqs%26141 2018-09-05 16:41:21
Description: Mining Translational change and scaling change in data expression pattern by Classification algorithm
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vombe 2018-09-05 16:34:25
Description: Using Lingyang 61 board to realize the program of voice playing, with music, suitable for beginners
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Konttxg 2018-09-05 16:29:41
Description: The four arithmetic codes used to add, subtract, multiply and divide operations use a complex number structure called ComplexNumber to store a complex number.
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Rcsyqvui 2018-09-05 15:11:37
Description: Optimization algorithm of Particle Swarm Optimization written in C, hoping to share with everyone
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jtx%2525252698373 2018-09-05 15:09:17
Description: C language is used to implement Floyd-Warshall algorithm in shortest path algorithm, which can be used to solve some problems in signal processing.
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jtx%2525252698373 2018-09-05 15:06:14
Description: The isoline tracing algorithm realized by com is used to generate dynamic link library, which can be called by client program.
Plat: C++ | Size: 76KB | Downloads: 0
Seleaa 2018-09-05 15:04:00
Description: The Bellman-Ford algorithm in the shortest path algorithm is implemented in C language. This algorithm can be used to solve some problems in signal processing.
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CURI%21995 2018-09-05 14:56:27
Description: Genetic algorithm Source Program written in VC with C language
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Helpcse 2018-09-05 14:17:00
Description: Newton interpolation method to solve polynomial coefficients, through the equivalent difference, is written in C, can run!
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yprl%252487542 2018-09-05 13:33:53
Description: Implementation of line-by-line scan algorithm with active offset table, programming with API
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Magcf 2018-09-05 12:52:45
Description: An efficient algorithm for solving SVM problem, updating two a at a time
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parvial 2018-09-05 12:25:39
Description: This program source code for algorithm analysis and design of board coverage problem, in order to debug, you can change the size of the chessboard in the source code,
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Mursel 2018-09-05 12:18:51
Description: This source code is Gaussian Lagrangian integral method.
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