umru 2019-02-16 23:09:47
Description: versa pro plc software
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TNK S. 2019-02-16 10:48:52
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akang99 2019-02-14 17:56:56
Description: wpc qi WirelessCharger
Plat: C/C++ | Size: 130KB | Downloads: 7
naruse107 2019-02-10 23:14:55
Description: Change 3 all demo file
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giovani.gerevini 2019-02-08 01:37:55
Description: PID ISA in PYTHON notebook.
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dodoyin 2019-02-03 14:22:15
Description: Matlab code implementation of image gray level binarization
Plat: matlab | Size: 53KB | Downloads: 4
Saransh 2019-02-01 07:45:49
Description: Enjoy, finger yourself in front of FB prakhar101010
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onlymover 2019-01-31 07:29:15
Description: The advanced DPM model is used to simulate the evaporation of gasoline kerosene multi-component fuel droplets. The temperature gradient and fuel composition in the liquid are fully considered.
Plat: C/C++ | Size: 11KB | Downloads: 5
悄悄地到底 2019-01-25 10:34:54
Description: It explores the difficulties and solutions to reach consensus, and explores other aspects of software engineering management.
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胡巴·咕咕 2019-01-24 20:06:30
Description: This file is the IAR engineering template
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jesenchen 2019-01-18 16:49:59
Description: Third edition of Python 3 object-oriented programming
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wsywsywsy 2019-01-18 09:55:10
Description: Laser ranging program for project application, using MSP430 single chip computer, TDC-GP22
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yuxuezhongtiao 2019-01-11 23:47:26
Description: Formula derivation and calculation software Maple and others learn only three and a half sentences He is the result of the need of atomic theoretical physicists to simplify formulas and deductions. Learn three and a half sentences. 1. Input is in the same format as mathematical writing: x+y-z** 2; but assignment statements are coloned: For example, Eq:= x** 2+1; Note; Represents frequency screen display; End indicates no result. 2 Common commands are the same as English letters. Only the first three or four characters are used to replace subs, Eval is evaluated, solve and simplify. Drawing plot, derivative diff, calculus int, linear algebra linalg, matrix can also carry out algebraic operations like letters, +-/, evalm For example, to find the solution of the system of equations, type in solution ({x** 2 + y** 2 = 1, x + y = 1}, {x, y}); Congratulations on getting a free math secretary and a math teacher.
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Rodman01 2019-01-11 07:31:47
Description: Main interface of power system simulation software
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FFRRRR 2019-01-10 15:27:05
Description: sbhaljhaeanbk;sklwkgaekblfdbkld lj;wkgfwlfp[lcfpk kfjq;fjpoqwkdl;sregeg
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carele 2019-01-08 10:25:21
Description: The CAD calculates the total length plug-in, using and basically all the CAD versions
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Andre_tt 2019-01-07 05:27:59
Description: apalo 11 second codes presented
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大地吴仁 2019-01-04 17:19:54
Description: SITOP We are SITOP,We power the future!
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tingting小站 2019-01-04 17:19:14
Description: Review tricks including dozens of classic programming interview questions
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sp小风 2019-01-04 15:16:30
Description: Motion UDF of acceleration 35 and peak velocity 700 in fluent
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wsrf98 2019-01-04 13:49:16
Description: 3G software platform c implement
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果哥 2019-01-03 14:30:47
Description: This software can accurately and quickly record the snapshots of different versions of software projects or at different times, and generate green offline upgrade packages according to the differences between snapshots. It is characterized by simple operation, fast operation, compact, accurate, efficient and green incremental upgrade packages, which can be upgraded successfully with simple copy coverage after distribution. This software supports the management of multiple upgrade projects and is very efficient. Microsoft. NET Framework 4 Client Profile is installed in the system to run the software.
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raghava 2018-12-31 20:47:19
Description: this code is used to control the glcd using i2c module to interface with micro controller
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isben 2018-12-30 04:59:55
Description: Software Engineering Books, detailing the process of software development, from requirement analysis to the process of project landing.
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飞凡网 2018-12-29 18:29:27
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AFoile 2018-12-27 00:39:38
Description: The program is used to implement the related operations of linear tables, define the linear tables with the idea of data structure, and implement the related operations.
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5648912 2018-12-26 10:14:00
Description: Serial Port Debugging Program of Single Chip Microcomputer
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枕寒流 2018-12-26 00:52:31
Description: After designing DSL language, we need to develop an editor for DSL. This document describes in detail the method of extending plug-in based on vim, so as to realize the customization of editors and grammar highlighting of specific domain language.
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ywxkjtsd 2018-12-25 15:42:16
Description: It can give material properties to polycrystals.
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XCcc丶 2018-12-25 15:29:49
Description: This is a VC++ programming interface for the use of the appearance of the skin file.
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