markzhong 2020-02-27 11:32:00
Description: simulink for ema algothrim
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籃系 2020-02-27 10:40:26
Description: The cyclic spectrum estimation algorithm based on matlab can estimate the parameters of the signals with the characteristics of cyclic stability, such as direct expansion signals and periodic modulation signals
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Juan10 2020-02-26 22:58:25
Description: Askfakfadlfjakldjajadfjdakfjadsa
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wangxueliang1235 2020-02-26 22:56:00
Description: Full version of Matlab / Simulink simulation model of pure electric vehicle, including battery model, motor model, etc.
Plat: matlab | Size: 1110KB | Downloads: 4
kris9527 2020-02-26 22:42:35
Description: matlab DBSCAN Density based clustering
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Megumij 2020-02-26 22:26:03
Description: In the calculation of matrix inversion, when the number of matrix conditions is large, which leads to ill condition, various common methods to solve ill condition equation are used
Plat: matlab | Size: 8KB | Downloads: 1
被猫嫌弃的鱼 2020-02-26 20:39:48
Description: Gaussian Processes for Machine Learning , the MIT press, 2006 and Nickisch & Rasmussen: Approximations for Binary Gaussian Process Classification , JMLR, 2008. The strength of the function lies in its flexibility, simplicity and extensibility. The function is flexible as firstly it allows specification of the properties of the GP through definition of mean function and covariance functions. Secondly, it allows specification of different inference procedures, such as e.g. exact inference and Expectation Propagation (EP). Thirdly it allows specification of likelihood functions e.g. Gaussian or Laplace (for regression) and e.g. cumulative Logistic (for classification). Simplicity is achieved through a single function and compact code.
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少林大小子 2020-02-26 20:24:01
Description: Efficiently count lines of text file. Implemented in pure matlab.
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Nala111 2020-02-26 19:46:30
Description: MATLAB learning video,MATLAB data operation and grammar
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Nala111 2020-02-26 19:43:24
Description: Matlab tutorial,Matlab system environment and Settings
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Nala111 2020-02-26 19:38:55
Description: Matlab complete study manual source files and problem sets
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kris1990 2020-02-26 17:52:21
Description: The effective RI of the mode propagating in PCF
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kris1990 2020-02-26 17:45:34
Description: The reflected spetrum of FBG and the transmission spectrum of LPFG
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kris1990 2020-02-26 17:22:29
Description: refractive index for optical fiber
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czuplind 2020-02-26 16:51:29
Description: Wavelet program for simple signal processing
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ypjyao 2020-02-26 16:25:49
Description: Moving PSF and mean filtering PSF are used for image respectively Blur and observe the effect of different PSF.
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ypjyao 2020-02-26 16:20:02
Description: Linear prediction coding with simplified prediction formula (taking gray image as an example)
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华工飞虎 2020-02-26 15:06:49
Description: The source code of basic genetic algorithm, sequential selection genetic algorithm and large variation genetic algorithm compiled by Matlab can be run directly
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MagicNg 2020-02-26 14:37:57
Description: Calculate the distance between the two addresses, and store the data in the matrix.
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Gustinouz 2020-02-26 13:59:28
Description: A simple genetic algorithm routine, combined with MATLAB to carry out a detailed analysis of the implementation process of genetic algorithm, and then through a practical function optimization case to explore its application.
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lao。 2020-02-26 13:14:44
Description: Simply using newff () to approach function
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华工飞虎 2020-02-26 12:48:17
Description: Matlab is used to simulate PID control, in which Simulink is used to build simulation model, and PSO algorithm is written in MATLAB language to optimize PID parameter setting.
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马赫 2020-02-26 12:39:08
Description: The single-phase inverter can be controlled by SPWM modulation and can be operated on MATLAB.
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L.alga 2020-02-26 12:26:41
Description: bpsk with convolutional code performance in gaussian channel
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L.alga 2020-02-26 12:24:39
Description: 16qam in gaussian channek
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L.alga 2020-02-26 12:17:46
Description: QPSK performance in gaussian channel
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L.alga 2020-02-26 12:16:41
Description: 74Hamming code in Gaussian channel
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hohoowh 2020-02-26 12:05:44
Description: Variational Mode Decomposition
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L.alga 2020-02-26 11:53:02
Description: BPSK BER performance in gaussian channel
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paopao100 2020-02-26 11:26:31
Description: speech signal processing
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