kop999 2020-04-23 17:03:44
Description: Numerical calculation method -- function class, which can be compiled and run perfectly on software
Plat: C# | Size: 2KB | Downloads: 0
rerx 2020-04-23 16:24:48
Description: Use C # to get the capacity of the drive, check the capacity of the drive, get the total capacity and remaining capacity of the disk, in bytes
Plat: C# | Size: 13KB | Downloads: 0
rerx 2020-04-23 16:23:03
Description: C # limit the mouse active area, limit the mouse active area, of course, you can also unlock
Plat: C# | Size: 13KB | Downloads: 0
5fee 2020-04-23 16:03:22
Description: C # -based memory usage monitoring, monitoring the size and usage of physical memory, used memory and virtual memory
Plat: C# | Size: 13KB | Downloads: 1
5fee 2020-04-23 16:02:03
Description: Get the fonts installed in the computer, based on the C # source code, including Chinese and English fonts
Plat: C# | Size: 13KB | Downloads: 0
63224 2020-04-23 14:26:53
Description: C # applet, a program that allows only one person to log in with one account. The source code is complete and open source. Welcome to refer to it.
Plat: C# | Size: 2550KB | Downloads: 2
63224 2020-04-23 14:25:38
Description: C # electronic album system + source code download, the database is based on SQLSERVER and can be directly compiled
Plat: C# | Size: 5576KB | Downloads: 0
晓东xd 2020-04-23 14:20:37
Description: Examples of MDI forms written in C #, to achieve horizontal and vertical tiling of forms and forms, cascading arrangement, etc.
Plat: C# | Size: 19KB | Downloads: 0
晓东xd 2020-04-23 14:19:28
Description: A C # parameter test program, CMD console program, run to see the demonstration effect
Plat: C# | Size: 19KB | Downloads: 0
zpzpz 2020-04-23 12:15:31
Description: C # Generate chart source code, generate commonly used pie / column chart controls and
Plat: C# | Size: 229KB | Downloads: 3
zpzpz 2020-04-23 12:11:52
Description: The C # source code download of the program running in the detection system, which is an integral part of the task manager, enumerates the name of the currently running program (task list), very practical C # applet source code.
Plat: C# | Size: 14KB | Downloads: 3
yruee 2020-04-23 11:42:06
Description: The C # source code implements a login error to lock the user and unlock it after three minutes.
Plat: C# | Size: 76KB | Downloads: 2
yruee 2020-04-23 11:40:46
Description: C # generates two-dimensional code source code, some time ago to do some information of two-dimensional code, by the way, share it.
Plat: C# | Size: 830KB | Downloads: 4
ch78424342 2020-04-23 10:41:38
Description: C # uses data binding controls to enter data, a basic form entry program, the difference is the way of entry, is the use of data binding, data can be parsed back to the database
Plat: C# | Size: 20KB | Downloads: 20
ch78424342 2020-04-23 10:40:22
Description: C # using ODBC non-DSN to connect to SQL Server database
Plat: C# | Size: 12KB | Downloads: 0
wf99 2020-04-23 09:36:32
Description: C # separates the database and separates the SQLServer database. Generally, it can be separated and attached to the database in the Enterprise Manager. It can also be fully realized in C #
Plat: C# | Size: 13KB | Downloads: 2
wf99 2020-04-23 09:35:08
Description: A simple database configuration program source code written in C #. This program mainly operates on the user table. During the test, the user name sa password is required to be blank. You can select the name of the database to be connected, and then select "Connect".
Plat: C# | Size: 41KB | Downloads: 1
杜杜苗 2020-04-22 17:31:55
Description: Code to copy screen to mp4 file.
Plat: C# | Size: 8140KB | Downloads: 0
zt3423 2020-04-22 17:19:54
Description: The verification code recognizes the C # /. NET source code, and the recognition time of a single picture is less than 200ms, and the manual statistical accuracy rate of 500 samples is 95%.
Plat: C# | Size: 3KB | Downloads: 3
zt3423 2020-04-22 17:17:45
Description: C # source program for sending information in the local area network and sending messages in the local area network, similar to the chat program
Plat: C# | Size: 14KB | Downloads: 3
kkicc 2020-04-22 16:43:02
Description: C # text scrolling, scrolling subtitle effect, a piece of text scrolls from bottom to top according to a custom effect, like the rolling subtitle effect of a movie.
Plat: C# | Size: 12KB | Downloads: 1
kkicc 2020-04-22 16:41:26
Description: The graffiti game C # source code download, simply speaking is the drawing program.
Plat: C# | Size: 35KB | Downloads: 0
zhaoliyong 2020-04-22 14:44:13
Description: Use C# to complete the sending and receiving of SMS. Using SMS DTU and mobile card can be used for alarm of server platform. *Long and short letters: Chinese length is not limited to 70 Chinese characters *GBK Code: support GBK code, no need to convert Unicode for sending Chinese *Cross platform: support Java and provide source code *Maintenance free: with power off switch, remote power off and cold start *Independent property rights: non internet download free DLL, which can be customized in depth *Routine comprehensive: VB, VC, C, C, e, Delphi, etc *Support in place: can you use the package or not *Simple use: single instruction operation, wide application. *Support to connect PLC *Support connection Kingview *Machine room monitoring, water conservancy, environmental protection, smart home, electricity, heating *13102859936:0: simple improves efficiency, simple is a kind of beauty
Plat: C# | Size: 146KB | Downloads: 1
Gondad 2020-04-22 13:15:12
Description: C # uses Trasform to analyze the data. The database in this example uses Access, which already exists in the Bin directory. You only need to recompile to generate the EXE file, and then directly run to see the effect.
Plat: C# | Size: 56KB | Downloads: 0
Gondad 2020-04-22 13:13:45
Description: Visual C # uses AVG aggregation function to find the average age of students
Plat: C# | Size: 303KB | Downloads: 0
杰坤 2020-04-22 11:52:51
Description: C # genetic algorithm and artificial neural algorithm example code sharing
Plat: C# | Size: 602KB | Downloads: 3
杰坤 2020-04-22 11:49:48
Description: C # encryption protection file, please select the file to be encrypted or decrypted, enter the encryption / decryption password, the password should be greater than 6 digits, display the encryption / decryption progress, and can set the file encryption / decryption, after the file encryption, the file can be protected , Is a safe way to save files.
Plat: C# | Size: 16KB | Downloads: 0
tr34 2020-04-22 11:18:37
Description: C # View and encrypt the source code download of the stored process, the operation of a stored process, encrypt the stored process, view the stored process, if the stored process is encrypted, it will prompt that it cannot be viewed
Plat: C# | Size: 304KB | Downloads: 2
renryu 2020-04-22 10:04:19
Description: C # Get photo EXIF information display shooting time source code
Plat: C# | Size: 12KB | Downloads: 0