jdonny 2020-06-29 05:48:10
Description: This is the music file
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domints 2020-06-26 17:13:54
Description: App that is meant to edit database for Kenwood car audio systems
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wch2046 2020-06-13 09:27:51
Description: Direction estimation of uniform circular array based on music algorithm
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绥缘落 2020-06-11 18:00:23
Description: In the DOA estimation algorithm based on eigendecomposition of antenna array covariance matrix, the multi signal classification (Music) algorithm has universal applicability. As long as the distribution form of antenna array is known, whether the linear array or the circular array, whether the array elements are equally spaced or not, the high-resolution estimation results can be obtained.
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GODHJJ 2020-06-11 13:54:14
Description: Matlab program 1: MUSIC algorithm matlab program 2: ESPRIT algorithm matlab program 3: Matlab program of root MUSIC algorithm 4: Matlab program of the United ESPRIT algorithm for 2-D angle estimation in the area array 5: Matlab program of spatial smoothing MUSIC algorithm 6: Matlab program of joint angle and delay estimation (jade) algorithm 7: Matlab program of DOA estimation algorithm of propagation operator 8: Matlab program for 2-D DOA estimation of L-type array based on augmented matrix bundle
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Description: ukulele chords charts
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Description: MUSICalgorithm MATLAB, beamforming, adaptive, performance analysis
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广生 2020-05-26 17:40:29
Description: Direction estimation based on music method
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zeyadalmajed 2020-05-16 04:19:06
Description: MUSIC algorithm. Math in pdf plus matlab implementation. Basic for ULA
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小小文 2020-05-12 08:41:27
Description: The algorithm is applied to DOA estimation. It is a typical music algorithm. The simulation can be passed!
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aidfi 2020-05-02 08:12:50
Description: Radar target angle estimation algorithm MUSIC DOA
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ZX1994 2020-04-30 16:32:44
Description: Comparison of unity music and music algorithms
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wulidanxi 2020-04-28 20:27:37
Description: Imitate Netease cloud music client.At present, the local music playback switch has been completed, and other functions are not perfect.
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agilesh04 2020-04-26 14:04:13
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Negilzj 2020-04-22 23:03:57
Description: Implement classical spectral estimation methods and compare their performance
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阿阿阿阿文 2020-04-19 15:46:27
Description: Time delay estimation of multipath signal using music algorithm
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凡衣 2020-04-11 10:12:26
Description: DOA estimation based on MUSIC algorithm. The traditional MUSIC algorithm has perfect simulation results.
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沐小沐 2020-04-10 15:46:26
Description: MUSIC music matlab DOA
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niniku 2020-03-30 09:54:20
Description: ijkplayer music player basic example, android java base
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wakeso7820 2020-03-30 00:04:32
Description: Some great domestic music the empty file I am uploading in order to download some stuff of this website with my fake e-mail. GG
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freddyF 2020-03-25 23:47:19
Description: Plays music outa the trusty old speaker whilst you do other stuff on your IBM!
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克卜勒啦啦啦 2020-03-23 21:59:48
Description: Direction finding performance analysis based on music algorithm, including summary documents
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克卜勒啦啦啦 2020-03-23 21:50:38
Description: Circular array MUSIC algorithm (including correlation signal)
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85号耶啵 2020-03-08 23:11:31
Description: Estimation of classical music method Simulation conditions: 1. 16 equidistant linear arrays 2. Direction DOA = [2, 5, 30] 3. SNR = [0 000] db; 4. Signal length n = 128 5. The mean value of additive white Gaussian noise is 0, and the variance is 1
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Kire 2020-03-04 11:15:03
Description: MUSIC algorithm based on MIMO radar to find the target angle corresponding to the peak value
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zzzzzz122 2020-03-02 22:28:31
Description: The basic principle of the multiple signal classification (Music) algorithm is to decompose the covariance matrix of the array output data to obtain the signal subspace corresponding to the signal component and the noise subspace orthogonal to the signal component, and then use the orthogonality of the two subspaces to estimate the incident direction of the signal.
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獨行虾 2020-03-02 13:43:47
Description: DOA estimation, a method based on matrix eigenspace decomposition. From the geometric point of view, the observation space of signal processing can be divided into signal subspace and noise subspace, which are obviously orthogonal. The signal subspace consists of the eigenvectors corresponding to the signal in the data covariance matrix received by the array, and the noise subspace consists of the eigenvectors corresponding to all the minimum eigenvalues (noise variance) in the covariance matrix.
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程序员888 2020-02-25 22:47:27
Description: 2-D MUSIC algorithm for target angle estimation
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雪落tjy 2020-02-19 16:49:54
Description: MUSIC algorithm can achieve super-resolution. It is a classical algorithm, which is commonly used.
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Description: Music player wallpapers for dos
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