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Description: //Function name: Fast Fourier Transform// This function tests OK, you can TC2.0, VC++6.0, Keil C51 test.// If you MCS51 system has enough RAM, you can verify how to use microcontroller slow FFT processing.
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Description: Fingerprint Identification Module Code
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Description: This is the Keil for ARM (MDK) environment, LPC family of processors engineering documents
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Description: the manual of the keil software
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Description: C51 microcontroller peripherals, test program source code, including the serial port, etc. Led keypad buzzer
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Description: keil c were compiled using AT89C51-driven procedures for TC35 module
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Description: examples of keil software tutorials detailing how to use keil software, fast start.
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Description: KEIL RTX51 TINY core RTX51 TINY briefly the basic situation and the use of methods detailed analysis of the core task management and memory management of the operating mechanism, and gives the main code flow chart.
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Description: The RL-ARM™ User s Guide contains detailed information about the components of the RealView® Real-Time Library (RL-ARM). This manual contains the following chapters. RL-RTX describes the operating system (RTOS) component of RL-ARM. It describes task priorities, context switching, how to manage several jobs (tasks) on a single CPU, and the other RTOS features available in RL-RTX. RL-FlashFS describes the Flash File System component of RL-ARM. It describes how to create, save, read, and modify files stored on standard flash, RAM, or memory card devices. RL-TCPnet describes the TCP/IP Protocol Stack Suite component of RL-ARM. It describes the various TCP/IP features, and helps you create embedded applications that can connect to the internet. RL-CAN describes the Controller Area Network (CAN) driver component of RL-ARM. It describes how to build CAN applications using the RTX kernel. Example Programs lists a few RL-ARM example programs and describes how you can tes
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Description: Keil C51 V8.05 为最新汉化版,全中文环境,支持PA51中文单片机汇编,可实现全中文编程、动态子程序库调用、自动汉字字模生成、自动图像数据生成等诸多强大功能。 本版本已修正0xFD的BUG,注册后解除2K代码限制和8K编译限制。
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Description: KEIL C compiler, running on the STC 4052 to VGA output TTL conversion tools procedures, in particular the production of the IIC class CHROTEL subroutine to read and write, there are different forms parameter resolution.
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