mimo 2010-07-22 18:14:01
Description: We propose the optimum configurations for PV wind generating systems in residences using hourly data over a year. We assume that a residence is one house consuming average electrical energy in south of Algeria (Sahara area). Genetic algorithm (GA) is used as an optimization method in this paper. The purpose of this study is to minimize the objective function of GA. The objective function is the total cost of PV wind system.
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何亮 2010-07-21 16:34:53
Description: Simple genetic algorithm tutorial, with procedures in layman' s language to explain
Plat: matlab | Size: 5KB | Downloads: 13
huxz911 2010-07-20 09:23:56
Description: Improved ant colony algorithm, based on genetic algorithm to solve non-convergence problems.
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moez 2010-07-11 02:19:36
Description: genetic algorithms program
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xiemengqi 2010-07-09 19:09:15
Description: Binary genetic algorithm matlab program to solve a variety of changes which functions are most problems can be
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张路 2010-07-08 08:59:35
Description: Genetic algorithm, it needs to download quickly Aha, this is a very useful? ?
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Swraj 2010-07-04 14:59:00
Description: genetic algoritm for the newton raphson and other model
Plat: matlab | Size: 253KB | Downloads: 94
Alzaris 2010-07-01 17:29:55
Description: Optimizing ATM Nets by Genetic Algorithms
Plat: VHDL | Size: 302KB | Downloads: 7
宋琳 2010-06-17 09:37:06
Description: GENETIC
Plat: matlab | Size: 6KB | Downloads: 215
胡中友 2010-06-15 11:27:42
Description: Few simple examples of the genetic algorithm, based on the general correlation can understand a little bit, very easy.
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chengfei 2010-06-11 16:17:03
Description: This is a genetic algorithm to optimize neural network weights bp threshold MATLAB program
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raviteja 2010-05-27 01:22:06
Plat: matlab | Size: 1KB | Downloads: 6
食肉大灰兔 2010-05-25 11:33:24
Description: I am preparing for 2010 U.S. race mathematical modeling algorithms are well-prepared data, a total of 13 algorithms. It should be said is a relatively wide set of algorithms. Each algorithm implementation from a VC6 example, to solve a problem. Some of which I have written, the other is modified by the web, compiled by the post. Results also good, a M, is now sharing the information out, we want to help, mainly simulated annealing algorithm, genetic algorithm, Monte Carlo algorithm, ant colony algorithm, particle swarm optimization, cellular automata, Dijkstra, minimum spanning tree algorithm, the maximum bipartite matching algorithm, maximum flow algorithm, dynamic programming, branch and bound method, queuing theory algorithms, decision theory algorithm, I wrote a documentation out very detailed
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卡卡 2010-05-24 21:30:25
Description: Artificial intelligence (fuzzy in Automatic Control) motor control in the simple genetic algorithm optimization of PID parameters
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张三 2010-05-23 00:07:29
Description: DCT-based image retrieval method using statistical features and invariant moment method MATLAB program
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维嘉 2010-05-22 18:31:17
Description: Matlab genetic algorithm based on M run the file, well some.
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崔岩 2010-05-22 16:20:26
Description: matlab genetic algorithm toolbox: for the environment in matlab genetic algorithm. Added to the running path to use.
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多多 2010-05-21 23:55:52
Description: Single evolutionary genetic algorithm in multiple Distribution Center Applications
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谢湘霖 2010-05-20 11:53:17
Description: Genetic Algorithm in J-SHOP scheduling, the above procedure is verified by matlab. Welcome and I discussed, prettyleg@qq.com
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wloveing 2010-05-18 20:19:33
Description: Scheduler can only manufacturing plant, a genetic algorithm optimization process for the arrangements and.
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李礼 2010-05-16 11:16:20
Description: It is a very simple genetic algorithm source code, is Denis Cormier (North Carolina State University) developed, Sita S. Raghavan (University of North Carolina at Charlotte) amendment. Code to ensure as little as possible, in fact, do not have to troubleshooting. The application of a specific amendment to this code, the user simply changes the definition of constants and the definition of "evaluation function" can be. Note that the code is designed to seek maximum value, in which the objective function can only take positive and the function value and the individual is no difference between the fitness value. The system uses the rate selection, the essence of model, single-point crossover and uniform mutation. If you replace the uniform mutation with Gaussian mutation, may be more effective. Code without any graphic or even no screen output, mainly to ensure a high portability between platforms. Readers can ftp.uncc.edu, directory coe/evol file prog.c obtained. Required input file sho
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Feroj 2010-05-16 00:30:31
Description: Genetic algorithms in 8 queen problem
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勇敢的心心 2010-05-13 11:49:12
Description: Course Scheduling problem is a constrained, multi-objective optimization problem, and has proven to be a NP complete problem. Genetic algorithms reference biosphere and the natural genetic mechanism of natural selection, using the group search technology, particularly the traditional search methods for handling complex and difficult to solve nonlinear problems. After nearly 40 years of development, the genetic algorithm in the theoretical study and practical application was a great success, this paper genetic algorithm for solving the course timetabling problem, first discussed the impact of factors in the course arrangement, the main constraints, to solve goals and difficulties, and a complete mathematical model to describe the course arrangement. Arranging multiple fuzzy goals followed by a quantitative analysis, the optimal target Arranging space. Arranging for the Study of the chromosome coding and genetic operators design, proposed fitness function is calculated. Finally, the co
Plat: matlab | Size: 1260KB | Downloads: 127
lpf30920 2010-05-11 17:09:07
Description: Briefly described the basic principles of genetic algorithms to explore the genetic algorithm in the environment to achieve the operator' s programming, and a simple example shows that programmed in the function of global optimization.
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2010-05-04 11:29:50
Description: MATLAB genetic algorithm toolbox and its application
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lijuan3623 2010-05-03 14:21:27
Description: Genetic Algorithm Optimization of a process
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tp 2010-05-01 21:44:24
Description: Genetic algorithm for symbolic regression
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佛慧 2010-04-27 14:41:36
Description: Genetic algorithms+ support vector machine, very useful, we want to be useful.
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serosoft 2010-04-25 06:29:48
Description: genetic algorithm and fitness function
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davy 2010-04-22 15:54:06
Description: Classical genetic algorithm implementation in matlab environment
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