old king 2011-03-24 15:25:32
Description: I collect all kinds of intelligent algorithms, a total of more than 20 source code, including: genetic algorithms, ant colony optimization, particle swarm optimization, differential evolution algorithm, genetic neural network algorithm, particle swarm SVM algorithm, particle swarm hybrid neural network algorithm algorithm. . .
Plat: matlab | Size: 6057KB | Downloads: 3374
qinlang1989 2011-03-21 15:36:27
Description: A new algorithm, simulated annealing and genetic algorithm are combined to solve the prediction problem for
Plat: matlab | Size: 3KB | Downloads: 88
liuzongfahjx 2011-03-20 09:33:13
Description: Photonic Band Gap Genetic Algorithm
Plat: matlab | Size: 2KB | Downloads: 40
sweetlotus 2011-03-04 15:08:07
Description: matlab genetic annealing genetic annealing genetic annealing genetic annealing genetic annealing genetic annealing
Plat: matlab | Size: 54KB | Downloads: 16
HC 2011-02-25 22:43:33
Description: MATLAB genetic algorithm image edge detection and image segmentation
Plat: matlab | Size: 9615KB | Downloads: 264
Prasenjit Nag 2011-02-25 11:13:18
Description: Pyhton Implementation of Genetic Algorithm Using Classes. This one is pretty easy and works fine for any TSPLIB problems.
Plat: Python | Size: 3KB | Downloads: 9
阿腾 2011-02-18 22:25:53
Description: Genetic algorithm scheduling, job shop scheduling problems with genetic algorithms -------------------------------------------------------------------------- genetic evolution of the input parameter list, the number of iterations M N population size (taken even) Pm mutation probability T m × n matrix, stored m one piece n a process of processing time 1 × n vector, n a process in which each machine processes the number of Zp with the best value Y1p Optimal Makespan programs, the start time of each process the workpiece can be drawn based on its optimal solution Gantt Y2p, each time the workpiece end of the process, according to its draw Gantt Y3p optimal solution, each piece of the processes using machine code Xp optimal decision variable, decision variable is a real m × n matrix encoded LC1 convergence curve 1, the generation of the best individual record of LC2 fitness convergence curve 2, the average fitness value on behalf of groups record Finally, the program will draw three pict
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rajab 2011-02-15 20:17:12
Description: matlab code for genetic
Plat: matlab | Size: 10KB | Downloads: 2
li 2011-01-12 02:53:45
Description: python source code for simple genetic algorithm. it is implemented on the python platform. Python source code for SGA.
Plat: Python | Size: 2KB | Downloads: 5
faridazusi 2011-01-05 09:56:27
Description: this is genetic algorithm software that simulated program to find shortest path in traveling salesman problem
Plat: Delphi | Size: 23KB | Downloads: 10
小资 2010-12-28 22:29:08
Description: Genetic Algorithm for Function minimum instance, have run results
Plat: matlab | Size: 19KB | Downloads: 16
bulu 2010-12-27 19:15:16
Description: A genetic algorithm based clustering technique.
Plat: PDF | Size: 171KB | Downloads: 5
Temitayo 2010-12-27 02:04:40
Description: This matlab source program implements the university time table using genetic algorithm.
Plat: matlab | Size: 9KB | Downloads: 17
杜小美 2010-12-10 11:31:26
Description: This is about using MATLAB genetic algorithm program to achieve the principle of description, including also selection, crossover and mutation operators of the program.
Plat: matlab | Size: 149KB | Downloads: 3
清晰 2010-12-08 14:30:35
Description: A doctoral thesis on the genetic algorithm, borrow, pass us, I hope help.
Plat: matlab | Size: 8238KB | Downloads: 4
magengsheng 2010-12-05 15:54:54
Description: This procedure uses a genetic algorithm processing of images are simple, and simple human face on the image positioning
Plat: matlab | Size: 2KB | Downloads: 15
乐水 2010-12-04 17:28:13
Description: MATLAB code on genetic algorithms, file types are M files
Plat: matlab | Size: 105KB | Downloads: 5
tengqu 2010-12-01 16:12:48
Description: This is a Matlab implementation of genetic algorithms, this algorithm is mainly used in extreme demand function.
Plat: matlab | Size: 2KB | Downloads: 23
liyufei 2010-12-01 15:10:22
Description: matlab genetic algorithm for the original program
Plat: matlab | Size: 3821KB | Downloads: 3
naemeh 2010-12-01 15:07:10
Description: A genetic implimentation for 2 class input classification
Plat: matlab | Size: 6KB | Downloads: 8
xxbb1234 2010-11-29 16:54:48
Description: a co-opertative co-evolution genetic algorithm
Plat: matlab | Size: 4KB | Downloads: 264
郭立滨 2010-11-20 19:51:23
Description: Based on real-coded genetic algorithm function pole planting of the program, hope that we can cross-reference study
Plat: matlab | Size: 7KB | Downloads: 21
peter 2010-11-19 20:59:40
Description: It is written using MATLAB genetic algorithm procedure for optimal design of wind turbine blades, and you can explore.
Plat: matlab | Size: 512KB | Downloads: 173
peter 2010-11-19 20:53:43
Description: This is the use of genetic algorithm to optimize wind turbine related papers, we need to look.
Plat: Fortran | Size: 1265KB | Downloads: 30
peter 2010-11-19 20:46:46
Description: This is a very basic genetic algorithm source code, very simple, you can learn off of.
Plat: Fortran | Size: 3KB | Downloads: 22
NBB 2010-11-18 16:06:46
Description: The document is an excellent paper with a corresponding source code. In the Matlab software platform for the proposed genetic algorithm-based power systems market segment auction algorithms offer ladder-type curve, the two commonly used linear bidding curve bidding curve example in case of validation, the results show algorithm optimization results for the different nature of bidding curve slightly different, but both cases can be optimized for power purchase costs. Experimental results show that the algorithm is applied to sub-effectiveness and feasibility of bidding model, and is not limited form of bidding curve.
Plat: matlab | Size: 13612KB | Downloads: 396
LILY 2010-11-18 11:07:18
Description: MATLAB described in detail the main function of genetic algorithm parameters, and examples of applications
Plat: matlab | Size: 136KB | Downloads: 75
张雨萌 2010-11-01 19:43:29
Description: c#/CSharp University Course Scheduling System genetic algorithm source code, which I did graduate design, very good oh ~ ~
Plat: C# | Size: 534KB | Downloads: 530
诚123 2010-10-23 11:37:09
Description: Introduction to Genetic Algorithm Toolbox and its use
Plat: matlab | Size: 311KB | Downloads: 9
hudingyin 2010-10-22 11:40:27
Description: genetic algorithm matlab another implementation, but also articles, including source explained, very good
Plat: matlab | Size: 117KB | Downloads: 4