Elkhadri 2021-01-26 04:03:16
Description: Wa ra dakxi 3lax kant ghabr is a great place
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Elkhadri 2021-01-26 04:01:07
Description: Hi there are some things that are important for
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miaobiwangx0miaobiwa 2021-01-26 04:00:53
Description: Support Flash album classification function, can be to classify images into the name that oneself like, to group related photos in the specified path, the XML as a configuration file for call Flash read pictures.Left click on the thumbnail images after the corresponding big picture on the right, the big picture can be amplified by 75%, 100%, 200%, according to the final effect as shown in the demo screenshot.
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miaobiwangx0miaobiwa 2021-01-26 04:00:45
Description: VC to extract Chinese characters from a string literal and statistics of the number, the period of contain Chinese and English text of the characters in the Chinese statistics, belongs to the string filter processing, counted the number of Chinese characters, only can put this function embedded into a complete VC project.
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Elkhadri 2021-01-26 03:57:29
Description: Ce comportement quelque chose qui peu te ide
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Putriot 2021-01-26 01:44:02
Description: The program generate string USER AGENT for a Firefox. It also appears in the form of a tablet.
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AAA1212 2021-01-26 01:39:36
Description: water filling reinforcement learning
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小海12 2021-01-25 23:51:57
Description: iuaohgfoiahgsofighoifihaoifh
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luanl53307luanl53307 2021-01-25 23:02:14
Description: An earlier code, VC resources manager - infinite level tree menu, the program used in the compression function library in subdirectories zipfunc in zipfunc directory, there are two subdirectories contain Release version and the Debug version of zipfunc respectively. The lib, both of which are Shared link library compiler generated. Also, the main program links must also use Shared library Settings. If you want to generate a static link library program, you must recompile zipfunc. Lib, also generate static link library file.
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luanl53307luanl53307 2021-01-25 23:01:55
Description: Flash from external load thumbnail image example, the test cases will call foreign images in a web site, may be the site have failed, you can modify the XML configuration file, calls the address to your own, there are many calls the method and example of screenshot demo is just one of them.
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超大杯快乐 2021-01-25 23:00:32
Description: Tilt correction of Radon transform
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KDmytro 2021-01-25 22:30:02
Description: This is a library of showing sliding animation when showing the activity
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KDmytro 2021-01-25 22:26:15
Description: This is an app that shows circle animation of android
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逐鹿路 2021-01-25 22:25:51
Description: This module uses a known clock frequency to detect modules with unknown clock frequencies.
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KDmytro 2021-01-25 22:24:36
Description: This is a Calendar app with various animations
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KDmytro 2021-01-25 22:22:16
Description: This is a sleep timer app
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KDmytro 2021-01-25 22:19:37
Description: This is a note app for Android
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leocristin 2021-01-25 22:15:40
Description: Personal improved ant colony algorithm, learning from the max min ant colony algorithm and adding dynamic recombination operator
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Ahmd83 2021-01-25 22:02:38
Description: AES cipher files media files with 512 bytes per cycle using MFC and Win32 application
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wulalala22 2021-01-25 21:53:40
Description: spectrum estimate The peak to peak distance method is used.
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