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ftk-0.6.2.zip - linux下的五笔输入法,支持在linux下五笔输入,可以在linux下编译
com_in_c1_src.zip - here are numerous examples that demonstrate how to use/create COM/OLE/ActiveX components. But these examples typically use Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC), .NET, C#, WTL, or at least ATL, because those frameworks have pre-fabricated "wrappers" to give you some boilerplate code. Unfortunately, these frameworks tend to hide all of the low level details from a programmer, so you never really do learn how to use COM components per se. Rather, you learn how to use a particular framework riding on top of COM
NetDemo_9.rar - java获取网页信息的源代码,请需要的朋友取用!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10.zip - Making use of .NET design capabilities by implementing filename type editor
9.zip - Some Logging Classes for C++ on the Windows Platform
7.zip - Obtaining data marked up in XML creates the need for Application Layer tools to easily and efficiently work with XML data
6.zip - This article gives a basic overview of the building blocks underlying XML Schemas.
5.zip - A simulation of the famous MineSweeper game by Microsoft.
4.zip - This article introduces a simple approach to in-memory transactions that can be used to implement Undo and Redo. The technique uses SEH and Virtual Memory and requires only STL and Win32.
2.zip - An onscreen keyboard for pen computing and touchscreens VC6, NT4, VS6, MFC, Dev, Intermediate
1.zip - Part two of the logging service - the viewer VC6, Win2K, WinXP, Win2003, VS6, MFC, Dev, Intermediate
DateClass_demo.zip - To use the class in your project you will need the following files: SimpleDate.cpp: contains the date class functions SimpleDate.h: Header for above class Parseit.cpp: Helper class that parses date strings
DoomsdayDate_demo.zip - An ingenious yet simple way to calculate the day of the week for any date was invented by John Conway called the Doomsday rule. I highly recommend reading the article by S.W. Graham which fully describes the algorithm
BasicTime.zip - You all might have used CTime or CTimeSpan to manipulate the system timer. Here is an article to show you how your system timer works. I will give you an idea of port communications behind the system clock manipulations. Those who are a little biased on hardware and software interfacing practices would find this article of great help.
AlternativeTimestampClass_src.zip - This is a timestamp class that stores dates and times from year 0 – year 9999 and beyond. It stores timestamps up to an accuracy of hundredths of a second It can be constructed using a range of different formats, it can output individual components as well as strings in various formats, and it includes comparison operators as well as some basic date arithmetic (add day, add month, etc.). This class is aware of leap years, but not leap seconds
timeclient_src.zip - The time is calculated and converted to 64-bit in the first and second lines and then converted to local time zone before being converted to a SYSTEMTIME structure. Last of all the system time is set.
DTConvertor.zip - Lately I ve had to do a lot of work with CTime and COleDateTime object variables. They re pretty nice classes to work with but not when you re debugging and need to know their actual date-time values. The CTime class stores its value in a time_t member variable and COleDateTime uses the DATE type to keep its value. Unfortunately when we need to know what they mean in human-readable format
mydate_src.zip - MyDate objects can be created using the default constructor, or with the overloaded constructor which takes a date in the DD/MM/YYYY format as its argument. A MyDate object created using the default constructor will
SysTimeConversion_project.zip - When you use the Microsoft Automation functions VariantTimeToSystemTime to convert variant time to system time and the SystemTimeToVariantTime to convert system time to variant time, the milliseconds value appears as zero or is ignored
TimeZoneEditorSrc.zip - In mid-2003, someone in the Lounge asked for a list of time zones. I said that I had one, but the data was in a CodeBase/FoxBase file. Chris Maunder asked if I could retrieve that data and submit it to CodeProject. After procrastinating a few weeks, I decided to go ahead and not only extract the data, but to write a program to edit that data.
DoomsdayDate_src.zip - Any Day of the Week Using the Doomsday Rule
SRSS_src.zip - The Main three functions are: CTime GetSunset(double dLat,double dLon,CTime time) CTime GetSunrise(double dLat,double dLon,CTime time) CTime GetSolarNoon(double dLon, CTime time)
traycalendar_src.zip - Tray Calendar is a freeware utility that I wrote after being amazed that Microsoft did not bother to offer us a calender in the tray, and People were charging good money for tiny little tray apps.
DateClass_src.zip - SimpleDate.cpp: contains the date class functions SimpleDate.h: Header for above class Parseit.cpp: Helper class that parses date strings Parseit.h: Header for above class
DateRecur_src.zip - Many applications require the ability to schedule appointments, workshops or applications, etc. The ability to schedule these items in a recurrence pattern is a must when there is more than a few dates involved.
XDllPt2_demo.zip - This series of articles discusses four common situations when working with DLLs: This series of articles discusses four common situations when working with DLLs: This series of articles discusses four common situations when working with DLLs: This series of articles discusses four common situations when working with DLLs:

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sctp_client_and_server.rar - 基于SCTP 的客户端和服务器端代码的设计和实现
i2c_tool_change.rar - i2c 读写工具,16位的寄存器地址;读写、扫描I2C从器件地址
i2c-test.rar - 嵌入式linux IIC操作封装,可以直接使用指令参数读写IIC器件
0504_test-iic.rar - ARM Linux2.4 IIC总线编程 非常好
i2c_read_write.zip - 适用于嵌入式Linux的I2C读写程序,可以用于进行I2C读写测试
um220.rar - 北斗授时模块um220驱动程序,测试过可以放心使用。
GPS.rar - UM220应用 内容很详细,可以作为参考
Row Socket.zip - 基于RawSocket的数据包过滤程序,共包含7个文件:inetheader.h、rawsocsniffer.h、rawsocket.h、rawsocket.c、rawsocsniffer.c、main.c、makefile。 编译:命令行模式下,切换到代码所在目录,输入make即可编译。编译后将生成一个可执行文件main,以及一些obj文件。 运行:命令行下输入 ./main [-s 源IP] [-d 目的IP] [-atui] 即可运行程序,可以通过设置不同的参数可以实现简单的过滤功能。
Raw_socket.pdf.tar.gz - RAW_SOCKET编程教程,写的很好!
socket_raw.rar - 简单的socket收发实例,IP可改为本机回环127.0.0.1先测试,看一下简单的收发过程。
i2c.rar - zynq iic测试,IIC EEPROM接口测试程序,Xilinx参考设计
Pathplanning.rar - 机器人路径规划原码,可以任意设置地图,实时生成规划路径
200806.rar - 动态未知环境下移动机器人路径规划遗传算法
robotpathplanning.rar - Pioneer3机器人的路径规划程序。包括所有源代码。实现机器人在已知地图环境中的路径规划,包括全局的路径规划和局部的修正的路劲规划。是研究路径规划和动态避障绝好的例子。运行方式:先在服务端执行justPathPlanningGuiServer,然后执行MobileEyes查看规划结果。
Path.rar - 用vc++写的机器人路径规划仿真平台的程序,修改了几次,终于搞定了
RobotRoute.rar - 机器人路径自动规划程序,采用遗传算法实现,可以显示中间过程,并有暂停功能
robottt.rar - 通过栅格法来实现的机器人路径规划,是一个比较有用的程序
RobotPathPlan.rar - 机器人路径规划演示平台,自主移动的智能机器人演示程序源代码,可以实现机器人壁障功能
VC_mobilerobot.rar - VC源码:机器人路径规划演示平台,自主移动的智能机器人演示
MRpathPlanning.rar - 机器人路径规划程序 机器人路径规划程序 机器人路径规划程序