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Oracle_SP.zip - 超详细 Oracle 存储过程使用手册,自己整理的
SQL_SP.zip - SQL存储过程,触发器讲解及过程中要注意的内容
android_multithreads.rar - android 多线程的游戏开发源码例子
image-processing-for-Matlab.zip - image processing source code 图像处理源码 matlab,很全。
vlfeat-0.9.13-bin.tar.gz - 特别牛的SIFT实现,VLFeat 0.9.13,代码特别清晰。C语言编写,有matlab接口。还包括了SIFT, MSER, k-means, hierarchical k-means等相关算法。
shujuwajue.rar - 数据挖掘导论,及其代码。中文版,很有用的。适合学习数据挖掘者
mapapi0.4alpha.zip - MapEasy is a web mapping client api which has an alogy with Google Map Api. It helps to build a map-based application easily. Based on Javascript and AJAX technology, MapEasy will work on most modern browsers (Firefox 1.0+, Internet Explorer 6.0+) using simple Javascript calls. Independent from the concrete GIS technology and specification, MapEasy allows you to request maps as rendered images (normally JPEG,PNG or GIF), and fufills the normal GIS functions such as locating, zooming, and marking... Key Features: open source pure javascript application easy to use API is similar to google map api decouple the map view and the data service. independant from the specifical map data service self define Plane Coordinate system(not available yet) customisable and easy to extend support IE6, Firefox/Mozilla, Opera(not available on Opera yet) support Latitude/Longitude Coordinate System

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