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Chapter 03 Data mining.rar - BI is a technology system that provides intelligence techniques such as predictive analytics, to generate knowledge useful for better business decision-making.
Chapter 02 Information retrieval.rar - Chapter 01 Introduction to information retrieval and data mining
Cours Optim1.rar - Genetic-Algorithm 48.A Genetic Algorithm for Deploying Roadside Units
Genetic-Algorithm-Implementation-Using-Matlab.rar - Genetic Algorithm Implementation Using Matlab
evco.1995.3.4.453 modeling simple.rar - A general class of search algorithms, na-andoomhewirtic search, is reviewed, and it is indicated how a variety of generational style GASare special cases of it. Abstractly, the message of this paper is summarized by this statement: Let Y' be a normal, ergodic, large population instance of random heuristic search. If the minimum cost tributary of ij is unique

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jobshop.rar - job shop 很有用的遗传算法算法,望认真看,在修改
ga-jobshop-jsp.rar - 遗传算法解决jobshop问题,添加了缺少遗传算法工具箱的相关函数,可直接运行main函数。 - JOBSHOP GENETIC ALGORITHM CODE PROJECT - JOBSHOP GENETIC ALGORITHM
1435320543.rar - Job Shob Using Genitics Algos