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PersonManager.rar - Access on business registration and management of VC program source code, VC6.0, open source code program mainly to register the company, enterprise employees on business records, is a small office assistant software, can record employee information, employee travel days, as the basis of the company's performance appraisal.VC novice to learn VC database programming techniques are available, and a simple example.
WordReplace.rar - C search and replace functionality, by Word characters in VS2010 batch search and replace, choose path program automatically after batch search and replace, go to a directory search, case matching, a whole Word matching, globbing, substitution characters in the directory, searchable directory.
notpads.rar - C perfect fine imitation WinXP notepad, seems to be better than Windows's own notepad program to use, interface and fonts are also more beautiful, notepad application is popular applications of all kinds of programming beginners copy write, by writing a notepad application, can learn the interface design, character processing, menu design, system component calls, and other aspects of knowledge, is to learn the basic knowledge of or actually more.
tinybox.rar - Tinybox popup loading content is an Ajax widgets, this sample code demonstrates its call to use demo source code.Tinybox can quickly achieve Ajax loading images on the web page display window, can also be floating display text box, page load box, such as content, similar to some Lightbox plug-ins.As shown for tinybox pop-up picture box.This effect plug-ins the floating window pops up, mouse click in pages of any place, which will close the pop-up box.
MiniSpy.rar - Enumeration of VC window information, obtains the window handle, can get window ID, process, etc.The statistics information access to the article number, displayed in a tabular form.
DTTree.rar - VC ADO realize database version of the fork DTree tree menu, this is a combined with a database of tree menu effect, while using ADO technology, you need to import a ADO dynamic link library msado15. DLL, the dynamic libraries located in the system tray "Program FilesCommon FilesSystemado" directory.Example: if your system disk to disk C, the file is located in "C: \ Program FilesCommon FilesSystemado" directory.So you need to open the project file, and expand "FileView" in the view of "the Header Files" node, and then double-click the ADOConn. "h" file, the code in "d: Program FilesCommon FilesSystemadomsado15. DLL" changed to "c: \ Program FilesCommon FilesSystemadomsado15. DLL".
vbshoulou.rar - VB version of the real estate sales management system (Access), similar to a system of sales management, USES the Access database, using the Printgrid controls, control is included in the source code package installer, the debugger before need to install it first.Can complete the real estate management, customer management, charge management, sales management, system maintenance and other normal function.
jsplane.rar - HTML 5 js object oriented game development, the plane war Betrs version, look at the interface, is similar to the feeling and lightning game ah, HTML 5 version of the lightning game, on the mobile phone can be played directly, ha ha.PC for the browser: 360, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, travel, sogou, window of the world. Browser does not support IE8 and below.

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ABAQUS-CAE.rar - 是一个关于用ABAQUS进行混凝土微观分析的cae文件和混凝土回弹的cae,可以直接导入ABAQUS,也可以模拟裂缝,进行更改,本程序只为研究服务
STM ISP下载器MCUISP.rar - 实实现圆的面积计算单片机下载烧录软件程序设计 - SMI算法matlab实现,波束形成,自适应,性能分析
mymatlab.rar - 三电平逆变器svpwm仿真模型,完美运行,各电流电压均正常,可分析谐波
uCOSPuCGUI(FSMC)28.rar - 基于ST公司低功耗产品STM32F103ZET6的红牛ARM开发板出场程序,uCOS+uCGUI(FSMC)28。 - 在vc++环境下OpenGL运用纹理模拟卫星围绕地球旋转
labview_tcp_host_machine.rar - 基于TCP协议的Labview网络摄像头视频接收及显示、温湿度监测及控制指令远程发送上位机.vi,机器人下位机装载温湿度传检测、人体感应、红外、烟雾监测等传感器以及网络摄像头,下位机实时采集的图像视频、传感器数据等经过WiFi无线传输,上位机通过TCP协议实时接收下位机传输的数据,显示温湿度、人、烟雾等状态信息,还可以通过Labview上位机向机器人下位机远程发送转弯、前进、上楼梯等运动控制指令,并进行了简单的控件、界面美化
xinhaochuli.rar - 近期成果,与大家分享:奇异值分解、小波降噪、zoom细化 谱峭度 和滤波器设计,共勉 - 杨建国老师的通讯原理课件,第三章模拟信号的调制与解调,主要讲述信号产生与调制,射频特性,解调,MSK、GMSK、PSK、QPSK、BPSK、QAM等原理 - 大米大学(rice University)单像素相机的程序,简单易用。
计算轴承故障特征频率.rar - 简单的labview,实现计算轴承故障特征频率
ADC.rar - 基于stm32f103 adc DMA采样以及均值滤波程序 - 用Fluent VOF模型模拟单个小水滴落入盛水的水杯之中
matlab.rar - 自适应遗传算法matlab代码,主要用于配电网路故障后恢复的研究
wtxNUlib.rar - nucleus 的以太网协议栈,可添加入所开发的nucleus程序,即可进行以太网开发!
splines5.rar - 样条函数用于图像放大;可放大任意倍数;五次样条函数的构造
Harmonic_Suppression_PMSM.rar - 本程序为PMSM谐波抑制控制算法,借助STM32f103系列芯片实现。 - 实现A/D转换,给定输入,观察输出电压,VHDL程序。
huowuyunshudeyichuansuanfa.rar - #include "stdio.h" #include "math.h" #include "malloc.h" #include "string.h" #define m 6 #define n 29 #define p 0.5
first.rar - 实现固定时隙分配的TDMA算法,有完整的节点和进程模型,用opnet实现