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css3jqslide.rar - Jquery CSS 3 display content introduction slide fine focus figure code, the HTML 5 technology, animation is very smooth, this photo switch can be used as products, product display function, feature a text thumbnail effect, can be manually switch can automatically broadcast pictures.
weixinzhu.rar - HTML 5 imitation WeChat disc draw special effects, HTML 5 turntable effects code, dial style, a: rotation Angle, p: probability (1 (100%), t: need to display the other information (copy or share). Click the start button, the disc rotation, stop when the pointer is corresponding awards.
loadmany.rar - VC Windows pane of the progress bar, at the time of copying files, installation procedures, can have the effect of the progress bar, is the basis for software development module, the progress bar implementation approach is not complicated, is many a good example of VC beginners learning to use a progress bar.Parameter Settings: CEvent m_begin;/ / start the thread event CEvent m_end;/ / terminate event int m_count;/ / counter variable m_animate. Open (" Filecopy. Avi ");/ / open the AVI files m_count = 0;/ / initialize the counter variable m_progress. SetPos (m_count);/ / set the initial position for progress bar AfxBeginThread (CThreadProc, GetSafeHwnd ());/ / start a thread for more details please download the source code.
jinkagl.rar - C the gold card account management procedures, the gold card is widely used in modern life, regardless of long lines before the ATM withdrawals or dining, shopping, go to a doctor, and so on.Electronic currency is very popular in foreign countries, and actually electronic money is system engineering, it involves the financial, security, communications, computers, and other fields.Here to make the reader to grasp the usage of dynamic data, only simulate their deposits in the process of the withdrawal.
Examclint.rar - A CS structure C online examination system, including server and client code, hair up pure learning, code for reference only.
csComboBoxApp.rar - C ComboBox the primary use test code, the primary knowledge of C, for beginners to learn how to use in C ComboBox cascading drop-down box control, in the usual C application development, it is quite widely used a basic form elements, used to display a variety of classified content is quite practical.
gdigdiplus.rar - GdiPlus lib, GdiPlus. H, GdiPlusPath. H, GdiPlusBrush. J h, GdiPlusMem. H, GdiPlusTypes. H file downloads, VC GDI the main files in the library, sometimes use GDI will be very try so hard to find these files, can you emergencies.
EditText.rar - Android password input box EditText usage examples, this didn't caught the train diagrams, access to the password characters, are interested in downloading compiler, there is a Java code file.
Android_Home.rar - The Android Home configuration application source code examples, file description: ApplicationInfo: on behalf of Taiwan launch applications.Apply (or title), the name of the intent and icon.ApplicationsStackLayout: a dedicated for the purpose of the main Home screen layout: registered various intended receiver.Currently implementing register only wallpaper intent receiver, let the other application changes the wallpaper.Which Wallpaper, Wallpaper management.
newsapp.rar - WeChat small program acquisition module instance, is a news article intercept collection and processing procedures, similar news gathering client, like today's headlines.Using WeChat small program development tools, intercept sogou search GET request packet data on hot news and keywords WeChat platform generated browse news list.Home page to the news list page for details of routing jump, MODAL box binding show news for details.Method of use: cloning the project code to the local, open WeChat developer tools;Add project - > select the project directory - > compiler implementation.
funswitcher.rar - Js to realize image slideshows switching effect - with thumbnails, thumbnails with animation mobile effects oh, the picture of the each switch can correspond to display captions, but also by the effect.Look from the style, design style atmosphere, beautiful, general in various types of web sites.
delphipintu.rar - Can automatically break the picture puzzle game: Delphi code reference, this game support import external BMP image as a cover, and can start the game, similar to the operation method and other puzzles almost no difference, use the mouse to drag is segmented image block movement.

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An Introduction to Statistical Signal Processing.r - 统计信号处理入门,不错的通信教材
lla2ecef.rar - 将大地经纬度坐标转换为地球地心坐标的函数。
Statcom.rar - STATCOM一些论文,大约50篇.大部分中文的.网上下的.大家觉得有需要就下载看看.
Convex-optimization.rar - 基于凸优化的改进型卡尔曼滤波目标跟踪仿真程序,
笛卡尔直线轨迹程序.zip - 笛卡尔空间轨迹规划,直线规划程序源码,适合新手入门学习
1 bit 量化的压缩感知 相关代码和文件.zip - 压缩感知相关的,1bit量化相关的代码和说明
computer_projects.rar - 最全的自适应滤波算法的实验仿真程序,包括LMS,RLS,APA等基本算法的仿真与原书对应 - 差分进化程序,有注释,可以直接修改函数运行!
mrtchius.rar - 这是一个基于灰度相关进行影像匹配的小程序,基于matlab编写
raytracing.rar - 电离层三维数字射线追踪,可根据电离层参数获取群路径与地面距离的关系
DC-power-flow-in-power-market.rar - 电力市场中计算直流潮流程序,结合杜松怀版电力市场例题的程序,简单实用 - GENE算法的应用,分割相关的肝脏图。用遗传算法找到最优阈值,然后选择canny算子
MATLAB R2020a完全自学一本通 程序代码.rar - 《matlab2020a完全自学一本通》书中源代码
FPGA控制AD7321的模块.rar - FPGA控制AD7321的模块,是本人亲自试验过的。有Verilog源码,和简单文档 - 关于数字中频接收机的MATLAB仿真代码,下变频采用cordic算法,并经过三级抽取、滤波处理。调试通过可运行
overflow.rar - (黑客丛书)溢出的艺术。 软件破解及攻击类
dffsacxz.rar - 面是我写的 NSCT-PCNN 图像融合程序,论文见: 屈小波, 闫敬文, 肖弘智, 朱自谦.非降采样Contourlet域内空间频率激励的PCNN图像融合算法.自动化学报,Vol.34, No.12, pp: 1508-1514.Dec.2008. Matlab Image Fu...
VxWorks调试手段和方法总结.rar - VxWorks调试技术详细教程,不要错过哦。 - 完整的直驱风力发电系统,其中发电机为永磁直驱风力发电机