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jqyuanslide.rar - Circular rotating jquery pictures show the special effects, the foreigner made photo viewing effects, running very smooth, compatibility is also quite good.Click on the button on the right side of the control, pictures will scroll down a triangle corresponding is the pictures, will display in the center of the circular big pictures, at the same time show the tooltip content.The thumbnail and large images can be different.
python100.rar - 100 cases of classic problems in Java, believes that many programmers know that many languages rewritten, today's source code package is rewritten with the Python language Java classic 100 cases of source, also is a classic example of learning Python programming, learning Python must see oh.Ps: in addition to JCP077. Py, all code files are GB2312 encoding format.These classic 100 cases of the code are: dong zhong input, this day is this how many days in a year?With the patterns of the letter C * output.Special design output output 9 * 9 formula.Output chess board learn to use the bitwise xor ^ time function, for example, to the length of a string for prime Numbers within 100 drawing, comprehensive example prints out Yang hui triangle and so on, more 100 cases, please download the source collection.

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yakebi.rar - 采用矢量积法求解6自由度机器人的雅可比矩阵
RETINEX.zip - Retinex算法,用于图像增强。 包括全局域retinex 局部域SSR、MSR、MSRCR
FCLS.rar - 全约束最小2乘法,用于遥感图像的混合象元分解
atsjebutes__short.rar - 有关OFDM的建模仿真 MATLAB模型图 星座图
wblthree.rar - 三参数威布尔分布求解,输入故障时间参数得到三叔及图像··
guassdisti.rar - 对模糊变量进行随机化,并用高斯分布进行概率求解,无密码
DPFC.rar - In this paper, we introduced a new series-shunt type FACTS controller called as distributed power flow controller to improve and maintain the power quality of an electrical power system. This DPFC method is same as the UPFC used to compensate the voltage sag and the current swell these are voltage based power quality problems. As compared to UPFC the common dc link capacitor is removed and three individual single phase converters are used instead of a three phase series converter. Series referral voltages, branch currents are used in this paper for designing control circuit. The evaluated values are obtained by using MATLAB/SIMULINK.
OFDM-Channel-Estimation-MATLAB-Code.rar - OFDM系统中的基于导频信号的信道估计,非常适合与初学者使用!
Digtal Communication simulation.rar - 对64QAM单载波通信系统进行仿真,内附实验报告,可绘制星座图
APF_Threelevel_SPWM_VolageControl.zip - 本仿真采用dq原理检测谐波,采用PI闭环控制策略
hackers-guide.rar - 黑客秘籍(chm版)共10本,仍在不断完善中。
android_safe_login.zip - 安卓开发的带密码登录的密码保险箱,干货哈,很实用
zjdwork.rar - 语音信号滤波程序(低通、带通、多带通、fft卷积滤波 自己动手做的
VB-YKMUSB-sampling.rar - 使用vb与衡河9140示波器连接,并控制采集一列脉冲数据,对数据进行分析,计算脉宽、积分面积、平均电压,并将波形通过picture控件显示在界面上
HEV_Model_Simulink.zip - 提供了搭建的混合动力电动汽车的模型,可以在Matalb里仿真实现。
1335492_QRcode.rar - 简单的介绍了基于matlab的QR码的识别,包括图像的预处理,图像定位,图像的识别等
qam_64.rar - 64QAM调制,采用硬件语言verilog实现,其中调用了DDS的IP核
face--recognition.zip - 人脸识别,用于MATLAB识别人脸,用于自动识别人脸的系统。
uFVM v1.0 - user guide.pdf.tar.gz - this is user guide of matlab code uFVM
基于matlab图像处理系统.rar - 图像处理MATLABGUI界面,实现对输入图像的超分辨率重建