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moshupukepai.rar - It cool poker game effects, including a wealth of poker piece of animation effects, and has rapid-fire animation is also very cool oh, not only is a poker game, it is to show the function of the powerful.
colsfqslide.rar - A concise and beautiful from abroad focus of jQuery code, file has 5 example, switch a slightly different way and show the jQuery enthusiasts, folding folding menu photo effects to make the point, the sample is rich, high value for study, interested in jq animation friends can not miss oh.
vbWave.rar - VB obtain sound waveform and sampling analysis, get the voice of the input device, analyzes the waveform graph and displayed, you can set different sampling rates, wave amplification ratio, curve color sliders, etc, in multimedia technology, this program is more practical.
vcTspSA.rar - Simulated annealing algorithm to solve TSP of VC source code, on the TSP Problem: all referred to as a Travelling Salesman Problem, it is one of the prominent problems in mathematics.Suppose you have a traveling merchant to visit n cities, he must choose to go by the path, path limits is can only visit each city once, and finally to return to the original departure city.Path choice goal is to require the path of the journey for all pathway, the smallest value of this sample program will be shown in the mysteries of these!
WirelessOrder.rar - Android reservation software - order application source code, the source is divided into server and client, and wireless order, an Android software source code, interested can download.
Smarty.rar - Smarty PHP template engine is a use PHP to write a template engine, separates the logic code and external content, provides a kind of easy management and use of the method, is used to mix with PHP and HTML code originally code logic separation.Make PHP programmer separation with front end staff, and programmers to change the program logic content will not affect the front page design, front end staff to modify the page will not affect the program's logic.
lockpattern.rar - Android screen lock screen example 3, lock screen, unlock the source code, this is just one example, the same source code for reference, interested to download a try.
piaofeng.rar - Flash leaves fluttering animation, bamboo leaves fluttering in the wind "Flash" animation material, very elegant and easy place effect wind leaf, bamboo leaves dancing in the wind, give a person very beautiful feeling, see demo screenshot shows.Can be used as a Flash movie design empty lens to use, as animation scene.Bamboo is not a loss.
yayapaper.rar - Flash book effects, with a sound paper open Flash animation, will be a piece of paper into a number of small portions, each coherent in rotating animation way together on a piece of paper, do Flash slide show is a good paper special template, contains the Fla source files can learn or modified into the effect of your own.
UseUnique.rar - Create UNIQUE index C using the UNIQUE keyword, create a UNIQUE index for a data table.See the code below: SqlConnection P_sc = new SqlConnection (P_Str_ConnectionStr);/ / create a database connection object try {P_sc. The Open ();/ / open the database connection SqlCommand P_cmd = new SqlCommand (/ / create database command object P_Str_SqlStr, P_sc);If (P_cmd. ExecuteNonQuery ()!Index = 0) {MessageBox. Show (" delete "success," tip ");/ / a pop-up Message dialog box}} the catch (Exception ex) {MessageBox. Show (ex. The Message, "tip");/ / a pop-up message dialog}

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ECGGUI.rar - Matlab GUI code for ECG Arrhythimia Analysis
图像识别边界提取.rar - 关于图像识别,农田边缘检测,智能区分农田边界的好论文
RCS.rar - 雷达散射截面的simulink模块,考虑了sweling模型,验证过
bidirectional RRT.zip - RRT基本算法仿真,基于三维环境仿真,可更改障碍区
18.ucos2.86-and-ucgui3.90a.rar - 用于学习ucos和UCGUI,基于STM32F103VC。
车辆纵向动力学.zip - 车辆动力学算法模型,MATLAB非常好用的模型
8154.DLP4500_Test.zip - 实现在mfc上触发投影dlp4500图片序列。
airoptimaztion.rar.rar - 优化理论与技术在航空领域的应用。通过分析和讨论优化理论目前在航空公司收益管理、航班优化排班、机队规划、航班实时决策调度等业务中的应用,论 述了优化理论与技术在航空公司应用的实际效益,给出了应用的主要模型及流程。同时建议了优化理论在航空领域的其他研究方向。
TM150TDSG52_R2545_AD.rar - RTD25系列源代码,仅供分享,对学习显示器软件的有好处!
聚类有效性指标(4内4外).rar - 聚类有效性评价指标,常用内部(Sil,CH,DBI,KL)、外部评价指标(Rand等4个),用自带样本集“leuk72_3k.txt”测试可用!
1.rar - 分数阶pi控制的直流电机调速系统,速度环是分数阶的,转速环是整数阶的。
rewk-taskTest.rar - RTOS -REWORKS ReWorks里一个有关任务的例子
eig_MIT.zip - 雷达信号处理,参差MTI滤波器,即三种频率交替变化
henlijie8787.rar - 自己做的一些labview控件,很漂亮,可以用在各种界面中,欢迎大家下载使用。
SAR-denosing-sj.zip - 自己写的SAR相干斑去噪matlab代码 包括:小波去噪,contourlet变换去噪,小波-contourlet去噪,基于PCA的小波-contourlet去噪
e440190239.rar - 安捷伦频谱分析仪编程指南,有完整的例子,对GPIB编程有帮助
logistic.rar - logistic混沌映射图,可以得到对logistic混沌映射图和基于logistic对图像加密
SCKF.rar - 基于matlab的平方根容积卡尔曼滤波SCKF程序,是一种较好的非线性滤波方法,希望促进大家的理解。
AIA.rar - 基于最小二乘法求解相移量算法,最小二乘求相移图相位
lab.zip - 里面包含了labview2016版本所有模块的下载链接