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jsgameflashslide.rar - The left the right side of the picture a larger version of the game class photo effects, is a JavaScript kernel based game sites focus figure, the kernel is JS Flash XML configuration files, compatible with all major browsers, animation smooth smooth, defined in the XML file after click on the image of each URL links to, in the recommended for use in web front-end designers.
LBoxScroll.rar - C listBox and interaction with the added value generated list of textBox, input in the textBox text box, click the add button, the value will be added to the list of the above listBox, repeat this step, can generate rich content of listBox selection list, click the listBox arbitrary data items, you can choose the data.In terms of implementation, add data before, need to determine whether the input comply with regulations: the if (textBox1. Text = = "") {MessageBox. Show (" add project can't be empty");} else {/ / after the Textbox value added to the ListBox: listBox1. Items. The Add (textBox1. Text);TextBox1. Text = "";}
MCalendarShow.rar - C production Calendar Calendar to choose functional paradigm, the realization of a small plug-in allows users to select a date time, this site has to share a lot of this module, search under C column "date picker can find similar to the source code," Calendar component running effect as shown in the figure below.
html5-map.rar - This is a business based on HTML 5 special distribution, HTML 5 map map animation, with a map as the background, according to your company's business development pattern, in animation way present in every region of the map.To achieve this effect is divided into the following steps: step one: for ECharts a Dom have size (wide and high).Step 2: introduce echarts. Js.Step 3: configure echarts path for the module loader, from the current page link to echarts. Js, define the required graph path step four: dynamic loading echarts then started using in the callback function, keep the on-demand loaded structure definition graph path.
androidbmi.rar - This is an Android write BMI calculator, used to test the obesity index, measuring the ratio of the height and weight, English for BodyMassIndex, BMI for short), is to use weight in kilograms divided by height in meters square figures, currently on the international commonly used a measure of human obesity.Calculation program planning: bmi > = 32 severe obesity 28 > > > bmi = 28 obesity bmi 24 > > = 24 slightly obese bmi 18 > > = 18 healthy bmi malnutrition, the code is from severe obesity Suggestions, the results are for reference only.
csBuildNumber.rar - An example of C to generate random number coding, with complete code files, can be used for equipment, packaging, such as code generation, randomly generated, agreed upon in advance in accordance with the rules generated, the randomly generated code using high frequency in daily production.
jgfx.rar - Use laser line of small game, written in HTML 5 technology bring WeChat friends sharing function.Uploaded to your website directory can be run.But the client browse needs to support HTML browser, such as chrome, firefox, Internet explorer 9, etc.
player.rar - C use Windows Media Player component development of music Player instance, as long as the Media Player has playback function, the program can be a good Player support.Support playlists, playing mode, a song, the next music playback controls, etc.Used to control: Interop. WMPLib. DLL, MSDXM. Ocx, WMP. DLL, player source code with install and uninstall program.
delphibomber.rar - Delphi written try dropping bombs on game, bombs dropped from the plane to blow up buildings, D7 source control to compile, run the exe capture effect as shown.
Slicebox.rar - JQuery Slicebox shaded focus of web page code, the effect of a bit of a picture box, stereo sense is very strong, can switch control pictures from left to right, in a total of 6 kinds of effect, the style is roughly same, but a slightly different picture layout and display mode, you can the be fond of according to oneself to choose.Test in local open these presentation, don't click the link from the sample.
remoteshout.rar - C example of remote reboot, according to the IP network card MAC address, add to the System. Management of the reference, get WMI controls, and verify the IP address of the user input, the information such as login user name and password, the last control to restart the computer, simple C remote control as an example, the novice learning reference.
MyVbExporler.rar - Implement a function VB6.0 by use of source code to write as well as interface of Windows explorer, Vb source code from abroad, the source code written in Windows explorer, but under Windows XP/Windows 7 / doing correct operation, interface as shown.Note: the code is calling a wrapper DLL, the DLL's source code no for the time being.
jqGalView.rar - Js ajax remote call images and gradient amplifier, according to the image Loading effect is fading animations, after open the page, you can load a remote images, load in the ajax way, showing Loading icon, click on the pictures, will show in the form of gradient images, is a list of images load effect, can be made into web photo album and gallery picture viewer.

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4.11.rar - 永磁交流速度伺服系统Anti-Windup 设计研究 - 高斯平滑滤波的matlab程序,对于初学者很有帮助
kalman-filter.rar - 基于卡尔曼滤波的系统目标追踪仿真,其中包括卡尔曼滤波函数、偏差分析函数、状态仿真功能块函数、以及目标追踪系统的simulink.
jiaozheng.rar - 这是一个阵列校正的程序,通过计算协方差矩阵,利用矩阵元素间的关系计算出阵列的幅相误差
stm32下的ST7735液晶驱动工程 - stm32下的ST7735液晶驱动工程 st7735,stm32f103上验证好用 - 使用LabVIEW将其他建模软件的3D模型导入到LabVIEW中。 - 这是一个关于液滴铺展的c++源文件,希望能够对大家有帮助。 - EXTwain Pro 3.30 for Delphi
pwcl190226.rar - 电力系统潮流计算,前推回代法。自动识别网络拓扑,可改节点参数。
code - 粒子滤波PF,无迹粒子滤波UPF,卡尔曼滤波KF,扩展卡尔曼滤波EKF等例程与比较。建议下载,清晰明了
rewk-signalTest.rar - RTOS REWORKS ReWorks里一个有关信号的例子 - 这本书详细的讲解了windows 动态链接库编程的方方面面。是学习动态链接库编程的最佳书籍。
NI风格控件包.zip - labview好看的自定义控件,NI风格。
AssignmentProblem.rar - 指派问题的匈牙利算法,用C语言编写,效果良好
Equipment_debug.rar - VB写的GPIB通讯例子+源码下载,NI 安捷伦 GPIB 大家可以参考看看。在仪器面板中可选择连接方式、GPIB地址、网络地址,可以发送命令。用了一些控件来美化窗体的按钮。
rtcmas_client.rar - 小波包分析提取振动信号中的特征频率,以及能量谱分析计算-
basic-SVM_Indian_pines.rar - svm_进行indian_pines数据集合分类。 - 包含光伏电池模块、MPPT模块、BOOST模块、逆变模块,是一种双隐层反向传播神经网络,可以广泛的应用于数据预测及数据分析。 - 针对实验测试完数据,需要对建模过程中的某些参数进行有限元模型修正
Csharp3tierPMS.rar - 使用C#语言开发的三层物业管理系统 1.用户操作(登陆,添加,删除)2.权限管理:A:角色(添加,修改,删除) B:分配权限(分配角色)3.系统操作日志 4.房产设置:A:参数设置(房屋结构,房屋户型,房屋朝向,收费方式)【增删改】B:楼宇设置(增删改)C:房屋设置(增删改)5.费项设置:A:费项设置(增删改)B:物业费分布(分别给楼宇分配收费项)C:公摊费(增删改)1.为每项公摊费设置公摊用户2.公表(增删改)