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Create time: 2020-12-09 00:12:37

Upload log: - get5 match creating plugin - skins plugin for cs go - minitera cpu emulator - Ultimate Map Chooser. This plugin is design to be a more complex mapchooser plugin that can be used to create various map lists to vote from. While it has all the standard map voting items (rtv, nominate, etc.) it also has some complexity in that you can set special conditions (such as player thresholds) for certain maps, which can help introduce some maps when a server is more full or allow users to pick ones based on map prefix, gamemode, and other such things. - This weapon allocator simulates different kinds of rounds - FULLBUY, FORCEBUY, PISTOL, (DEAGLE).

Download log:
SpeedTreeCAD4.2.rar - Speedtree CAD 2.4 for trees modeling - C++ wrapper for FMOD Ex 04.40.3. Since FMOD only ships with c++ headers for MSVC and not GCC, I created my own c++ styled wrapper for the c headers.It is full featured and has the same functions and classes as the MSVC version. Just unzip the the header and include it as part of your other headers, and remember to link your compiler to the FMOD c libraries. - speedtree 4.1 plugin MAX
speedtree.rar - SpeedTreeRT 1.6.0 Source CMake
SpeedTreeRT_SDK_v4.rar - 该源码是有关SpeedTree这个软件的SDK,方便开发D3D的人员用来解析程序代码
SpeedTree51.rar - Speedtree SDK v.5.1 for real time renderer trees end grass