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widevine-l3-decryptor-main.zip - A Chrome extension that demonstrates bypassing Widevine L3 DRM
EfiGuard-master.zip - Disable PatchGuard and DSE at boot time
LoadDll-master.zip - Better version of RunDll with GUI. This program allows you to load DLLs on Windows.
FakeGPS-master.zip - FakeGPS driver to provide simulated geolocation data to Windows 10
pws.zip - Windows 2000 and NT offer programmers powerful security tools that few developers use to the fullest, and many are completely unaware of. In Programming Windows Security, a top Windows security expert shows exactly how to apply them in enterprise applications.
Camelsystem-PowerPost-ENG_v2.4-source.rar - Upload files onto a newsgroup server, for Windows written in C++

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WinRing0_1_3_1b.zip - What s WinRing0 WinRing0 is a hardware access library for Windows. WinRing0 provides your application to access I/O port, MSR, PCI bus, and etc... WinRing0 is distributed under The modified BSD license.
WinRing0-v1.3.1b-Source.rar - win ring0 1.3.1b 底层io访问库
SetACL-2.3.2-sources.zip - 设置、修改文件夹权限 XP、2003均可以,能将System Volume Information文件夹设置成访问。