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omega48-code-r1663-trunk.zip - Omega48 is a virtual printer driver for Microsoft Windows which allows you to convert the document to the graphics formats such as EMF, BMP and non formated text file (UNICODE or ANSI). Omega48 allows to save MS Windows Spool (SPL) and Shadow (SHD) files
DotNetDeserializationScanner-master.zip - Dot Net Deserialization Scanner
SpoolSample-master.zip - SpoolSample PoC tool to coerce Windows hosts authenticate to other machines via the MS-RPRN RPC interface. This is possible via other protocols as well.
SpoolfileReadertest.zip - Spoolfile Viewer Dekstop App
EMFSpoolfileReader.zip - EMF SpoolfileReader Classes

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CSharp_Print_Monitor.rar - 完整的打印机监控源码,可监测文件内容,含服务端。C#完整源码,甚至包含注册机源码。