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Upload log: - It establishes communication with the output hardware, which has been specifically designed for use with this software, in order to print the content of the drawing sheet. Write a recursive method called gcd that returns the greatest common divisor of x and y. The gcd of x and y is defined by the recursion of the following way: if y is equal to 0, then gcd (x, y) is x, otherwise gcd (x, y) is gcd (y, x% y), where% is the remainder operator. Write an application that within an infinite loop asks for two integers that must be positive numbers and print the greatest common divisor of both. If the first integer is 0 exit the program, the second integer must be greater than 0. For the calculation of the greatest common divisor use the method explained above.
Final_Project_Taxis_Database_CallCenter.rar - The querys to the database used here are implemented with Java language. Its application is mainly focused on improving the management of telephone contacts in a Radio Taxi Company
Final_Exam_Arbito-Herrera-Velastegui.rar - Using Java RESTFul Web Services to query a database
D2-Arbito-Herrera-Velastegui-8D.rar - Duty 2 Schedule 3 ====================== In chapter 7 of the book, section Implementing aspect oriented programming with interceptors, on page 255 through page 259, just before the EJB timer service section, it explains How to implement aspect-oriented programming with interceptors in NetBeans. From this information develop a project that shows this effectively, achieving that the following information is displayed in the GlassFish log window: Information: Date time upon entry: Wed May 28 10:24:34 ECT 2014 Information: Entering edu.uda.interceptor.Echo.echo () Information: This is an example exercise to implement Information: Aspect Oriented Programming with Interceptors Information: Leaving edu.uda.interceptor.Echo.echo () Information: Date and time of departure: Wed May 28 10:24:42 ECT 2014 To achieve an end time different from the initial time, you must use the Random class, which generates a random number from 5 seconds that varies from 0 to 5 seconds
SolucionD1P3.rar - Development of a web application using the Model-View-Controller design pattern, where: The Model will be the JavaBeans DataBooks The View will be the JSPs index.jsp and output.jsp (an input page and an output page) The Controller will be the ServletController servlet The entry page should be as follows: The title of the entry page should be "Sample Registration Form"

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Antenna-Theory-a-Design-3rd-Ed.---Balanis-Matlab- - ALL MATLAB CODES RELATED TO ANTENNA - VB-Audio CABLE A & B are two others Windows Audio Drivers working as two Virtual Audio Cable to connect more applications together. MORE INFO After Payment you will receive a link to a ZIP package containing two ZIP archives: you may extract these two zip on your local disk (in any directory like "temp" or "archive"). for each ZIP package you can install it by the following steps: 1- Extract all files in one folder (temporary folder) 2- Run Setup program in administrator mode (right click on exe to see the “run as administrator”) 3- Follow instruction : REBOOT after installation (mandatory). After installation a new audio driver is present on your system as playback and recording device.