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6.rar - The Research of X-ray Bone Fracture Image Enhancement Algorithms
4.rar - Alignment of X-ray Bone Images
3.rar - Detection of Bone Fractures using Image Processing Techniques and Artificial Neural Networks
9.rar - Robust Image Forgery Detection Using Point Feature Analysis
3.rar - Artificial Neural Network Based Electrocardiography Analyzer
10.rar - Extraction of Different Features of ECG Signal for Detection of Cardiac Arrhythmias by using Wavelet Transformation
8.rar - Abnormality Diagnosis in ECG signal using Daubechies Wavelet
7.rar - Analysing Beat-to-beat Dynamical Changes of QT -RR Distribution for Arrhythmia Prediction

Download log: - 基于matlab的图像加密,直接运行就行
Arnold.rar - 具有可逆性与周期性的Arnold置乱变换,目的是实现对图像的置乱,用于图像加密中 - image encryption for protection nd copy right
Image-Steganography.rar - Image steganography using key encryption, edge-detection and pixel substitution
图像加解密.zip - 基于matlab的图像加解密的示例演示程序,带GUI显示界面,有2种加密算法
image encryption.rar - DNA相关的图像加密算法,安全性能较好的算法 - matlab for rsa encryption and decryption - 用于图像压缩,并同时对图像进行加密,减少存储空间 - implementation of arnold transform - image encryption file from matlab coding
Bao2014SP.rar - MATLAB Chaotic Cryptosystem for Image Encryption - it is matlab code of encryption algorithm for encrypted image
Eksperimen.rar - source code image encryption with DNA encoding
aes (1).zip - AES implementation using matlab, for text file, for images - 对图像进行压缩加密并解密,效果很好,对初学者很好用
Plant_Village.rar - plant disease detection
blind-histogram.rar - currency recognition for blind peoples - fake currency detect the fake currency - Fake Currency Detector (Indian Currency): This program can detect counterfeit currency of INR 100 and INR 500.