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jupytext-master.zip - Have you always wished Jupyter notebooks were plain text documents? Wished you could edit them in your favorite IDE? And get clear and meaningful diffs when doing version control? Then... Jupytext may well be the tool you're looking for! Jupytext can save Jupyter notebooks as Markdown and R Markdown documents, Scripts in many languages.
meta-master.zip - Initial Planning and Collaborative Space for Executable Book Project
sphinx-panels-master.zip - A sphinx extension for creating panels in a grid layout. utilising both the bootstrap 4 grid system, and cards layout.
mistletoe-ebp-master.zip - This is a version of mistletoe maintained by the Excutable Book Project (EBP). It tracks the myst branch of ExecutableBookProject/mistletoe which eventually, it is hoped, will be merged into mistletoe itself. mistletoe is a Markdown parser in pure Python, designed to be fast, spec-compliant and fully customizable. Apart from being the fastest CommonMark-compliant Markdown parser implementation in pure Python, mistletoe also supports easy definitions of custom tokens. Parsing Markdown into an abstract syntax tree also allows us to swap out renderers for different output formats, without touching any of the core components.
thebe-master.zip - Have a static HTML page with code snippets? Your readers can edit and execute them right there. All it takes is: A brief header in the HTML page The Thebe javascript library (which can be fetched from the web) A computing backend (typically binder)
markdown-it-py-master.zip - Markdown parser done right. Follows the CommonMark spec for baseline parsing Configurable syntax: you can add new rules and even replace existing ones. Pluggable: Adds syntax extensions to extend the parser (see the plugin list). High speed (see our benchmarking tests) Safe by default
MyST-Parser-master.zip - An extended commonmark compliant parser, with bridges to docutils & sphinx.

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PanoCam2.rar - 一个c++开发的ue4插件,用于生成给定相机位置后的全景图像。