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Upload log: - CUBA Platform Project - Composite data storage example project - This is an open-sourced logistics application built using HyperTrack for live location tracking. This app enables logistics fleets to manage their deliveries for the day. The app assigns deliveries to the driver, tracks live location, geofences arrival at a delivery location, and automatically goes to the delivery page to add delivery notes, add proof of delivery, and mark the delivery as complete. Using this sample app will create Trips on the HyperTrack platform. Fleet managers and teams can track the day's deliveries for all drivers in real-time on HyperTrack Views. - PonySQL Little RDBMS engine on java - JDBC driver for Elasticsearch with SQL dialect This project is a fork es4sql from anchormen Ordiginal code no longer supported and no capability ES7 and later - USB/IP emulator for windows 10 x64

Download log:
hasp4src.rar - This project is hasp4 key emulator (original codes by unknown programmer in MS. - UCL HASP Emulator source code
Vdevice_multikey_x64.rar - HASP emul Vdevice multikey x64 - hasp multikey emulator
HASP-USB-Key-emulator.rar - HASP USB Key emulator - USB HASP key emulator, based on USB bus driver Copyright (c) 2004 Chingachguk, Denger2k, tch2000 All Rights Reserved - Hardlock / Hasp / Sentinel dongle emulator source code.
USB_HASP_dongle.rar - HASP hasp_hl hasp srm 加密狗模拟器源代码