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Upload log: - this plugin is based of SpaceVim's API, you need to install SpaceVim. load the game layer: call SpaceVim#layers#load('games') and run the game by pressing <Space> g 2. - AI for the 2048 game. This uses expectimax optimization, along with a highly-efficient bitboard representation to search upwards of 10 million moves per second on recent hardware. Heuristics used include bonuses for empty squares and bonuses for placing large values near edges and corners. Read more about the algorithm on the StackOverflow answer. - A working port of iOS-2048 to Apple's new Swift language. Like the original Objective-C version, swift-2048 does not rely upon SpriteKit. See the description for iOS-2048 for more information. I'm not actively working on this, except to fix bugs and maintain compatibility with latest versions. Pull requests are welcome, though. Note that Swift was very different back when I first wrote this code, caveat emptor. If you want to check out a more advanced Swift project, please take a look at Lambdatron, my Clojure interpreter.
nucleus-master (1).zip - Nucleus is a living style guide generator for atomic css based components. It's a Node application parsing the source SCSS files and reading information from DocBlock annotations. - Some time has passed since Model-View-Presenter and RxJava completely superseded Loader and AsyncTask in our applications.

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nucleus.rar - rtos,nucleus 系统源码,对学习实时操作系统很有帮助
Nucleus.rar - Nucleus的源代码,一个用得比较多的嵌入式操作系统
Plus.rar - nucleus实时嵌入式操作系统的内核源代码。